P-2016 Pork Order

LotFotL Pastured Berkshire Heritage Breed Pigs

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I focus my animal husbandry around the concept of dignity. No harshness, only love, translated in the pig afterlife as the best bacon many of you will ever eat!

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Supply is Limited


Half, Whole, and Quarter Pork Meat Boxes: This year there will be 3 box sizes available for purchase.  Details and prices are listed below. To learn more about what is included in your box click here.

Meat Box Pricing: The following prices include kill, cut, wrap, and all the other processing. Remember your pork is pastured and fed organic feed. Certified organic feed is 4-10 times more expensive than conventional feed stocks, but gives the pigs none of the additives, colorants, chemical residues, and pigs 2015other junk that is supplied through feed from the local big box. We are please to have found more cost effective food sources this year that keep our standards just as high, but bring the cost down. For more info, read “What it’s like to be a pig a LotFotL”

  • 140# box(whole hog)-$1000 in full, $150 deposit due at the time of order.
  • 70# box(half hog)-$550 in full, $150 deposit due at the time of order.
  • 35# box(1/4 hog)-$325 in full, $150 deposit due at the time of order.
    Cancelled orders will be subject to a $25 cancellation fee.

Pick Up and Delivery: Meat will be available starting at the end of October or beginning of November. The farm will contact you to schedule specific pick up details, including date and time.

  • FREE – Pick up at Hometown Sausage (W1184 County Rd. L East Troy, WI 53120. 262-642-3264. Note: 35# boxes cannot be picked up at Hometown sausage
  • FREE – Pick up at any LotFotL’s Thursday CSA drop off location on CSA delivery day (click here for details).
  • FREE – Pick up at LotFotL Community Farm. W7036 Quinney Rd.  Elkhorn, WI 53121. 262-951-0794
  • DELIVERY FEE – For delivery to your doorstep email [email protected] to figure out the delivery costs.
  • Click here to ORDER NOW

pork chopsWhy: We believe choosing sustainable practices, like pasturing and using organic feed, have immeasurable long term benefits for both our personal health, the well being of the animals, and the overall harmony of the planet. Because of these methods, the flavor and texture of this meat is superior to any pork you have ever tasted. Click here to learn more about  “What it’s like to be a Pig at LotFotL”.

Coming Soon: Other Pork Options

Milwaukee County Winter Market: Our pork will also be sold a la carte at this market. To learn more about market details click here.

Meat shares: Shares that include pork, beef, chicken, lamb, and local specialty sausages will become available for sale in October and begin delivery in November.  For more details click here.


Q: What comes in the box?

A: Click here to view what a typical box will contain.

Q: Do you use antibiotics?

A: If a pig is sick, we will opt for antibiotics over suffering.  We use short lived strains and follow up with fermented hey bails (probiotic food) to help restore the pig to optimum health.

Q: Do you use hormones?

A: No

Q: Do the pigs have access to pasture?

A:  Yes, we use a rotational pasture system that allows for new plants to graze throughout the season.

Q: Can I make special requests from the butcher?

A: Some requests can be negotiated with half and whole animals.  The 1/4 size box comes as is. Please contact Tim about your special needs. 262-951-0794.