C-Choice CSA

LotfotL CHOICE CSA Options

2017.2017 lotfotl choice csa programLotFotL Choice CSA allows members to choose what items they want and what quantity works best for them. We now have even more CHOICE options as the concept is catching on and people are loving it.  Choose meatless, produce only, or the full spectrum plan.  

  • Choose your own food items each week.
  • Commit at a level that works for you (only veggies, meatless, or the full spectrum plan).
  • Connect with your food and farmer on a deep level.
  • Support local agriculture on a sustainable level.
  • Fresh delicious food that aligns with your values.

CHOICE Details

Choose from a full spectrum offering, a meatless option, or fruit & veggies only. 27 wks.

When: The program runs from May-October and is 27 weeks of delivery.

Where: Our delivery areas are as follows.  Members will be served directly out of our delivery truck.  It is like a farmers market on wheels!

  • Tuesday 3-4:30- Urban Ecology Center
  • Tuesday 5:50-7- Bay View (location TBA)
  • Saturday 8:30-10am- Shorewood – Northwoods building on Capital Dr.
  • Saturday 10:30-12pm- Bay View (location TBA)

Note: Bulk refers to items that will be used for canning and freezing.  We let you know what might be available (tomatoes and pickles were popular items last season). Other refers to additional items that are available in limited quantities like honey, maples syrup, farm house kraut, etc. Choice pricing is based on 1 single adult.


How Much: Price is based on how many people are in your family. The contract runs for the entire season, so members sign up for the program and commit to paying for the full 27 deliveries. Members can pay all at once, or put down a $450 deposit (per household) and schedule automated monthly payments for the season.

Price Chart: Take a look at the program that you are interested and use the chart to determine the full cost. Example: A family with 2 adults and one child between the ages of 5 and 10 that chose the Full Spectrum option would pay…. $1404+$1404+$351=$3159 for the season. Showing a total weekly cost of $117/wk. 

Traditional CSA- Choice is great, but if you love our traditional boxes,  you can still let the farmer pick your items and go grab your box at a drop site.

CSA Organic Disclaimer: The vast majority of what goes into CSA shares is grown in accordance of standards set for organic certification and is certified organic, but on occasion some crops come from other farms or fields that, while managed in a way consistent with certified organic crops, are not currently certified.