Choice CSA



Program Details:

Who: This program was designed for people that loved the idea of supporting a local farmer, but didn’t fit into traditional CSA programs for what ever reasons.

  • People that have tried and left traditional CSA because they wanted more CHOICE.
  • People with food restrictions or picky palates.
  • Busy folks that want EASY access to LOCAL and SUSTAINABLE food.
  • Those who understand the STABILITY that CSA provides to a SMALL SCALE FARMER more than any other income source.
  • Members looking to build  personal RELATIONSHIP with their FOOD and farmer.

What: LotFotL Choice CSA offers a full service, free choice CSA plan that includes; free choice veggies (aka- pick what and how much you want), weekly meat options to choose from, certified organic eggs, seasonal fruit when available, fresh bread, local cheese, and lots of fun extras. Members arrive on site and together you and the farmer will build your share each week. For more details see our FAQ section below.

When: The program runs from May-December and is 31 weeks of delivery over a 33 week span (with the weeks of July 4th and Labor day off).  Sign up between now and April 15th, 2017.

Where: We will run two pilot programs for 2017. Choose from one of these two sites.

  • SATURDAY’S: Bay View’s Tippecanoe Presbyterian Church.
    125 W Saveland Ave.
    Milwaukee, WI 53207.
    Saturday from 9am-12pm
  • TUESDAY’S: Riverside Park Urban Ecology Center.
    1500 E Park Pl.
    Milwaukee, WI 53211
    Tuesday from 4pm-7pm

How Much: Price is based on how many people are in your family. The contract runs for the entire season, so members sign up for the full 8 month program and commit to paying for the full 31 deliveries. Members can pay all at once, or put down a $450 deposit (per household) and schedule automated monthly payments for the rest.

Senior Adult over age 65: $43/wk ($1329/ season)
Adult: $52/wk ($1602/ season)
Children age 11-17: $33/wk ($1023/ season)
Children age 5-10: $14/wk ($443/ season)
Children under 4: FREE

Example: A family with 2 adults and one child between the ages of 5 and 10 would pay….$1602+$1602+$443=$3647 for the season.

Click here to use our sign up worksheet as a price calculator.


Talks about the basic concept of our Free Choice CSA Program (video below)

Answers more questions about our Free Choice Program like price and managing inventory to make sure everyone, even the last person, has a great selection. (video below)

Answers questions about what members will have available each week. (video below)


How is this different from shopping at the farmers market? If you support us at the market we thank you.  At the same time, committing to a CSA program gives us a more secure income.  Everything we bring to the farmers market is based on speculation, so a rainy day, or a less than busy market, equals lost sales and wasted labor, not to mention wasted food.  A year long commitment from a member allows for more confident planning, fewer loans, and greater stability.  Choosing CSA is the best way to fully support a small scale organic vegetable farm. Plus, we build stronger and more personal connections within our food community.

What and how many veggies? Members will have access to a full selection of all the farm has to offer, including season extension (early and late season hoophouse production). In addition to the classic vegetable offerings this can include items such as mushrooms, microgreens, popcorn, wild foods, and more.  Members will take as much as they need for the given week.

What and how much meat? LotFotL farm will raise pastured, heritage breed, organically fed pork.  In addition we will bring in 100% grass fed steers, certified organic chickens, and pastured organically raised lamb. According to our calculations if each adult member (for these purposes kids are counted as 1/2) chooses $15-20 worth of meat each week, the farm will have enough meat for everyone all season long.  For example if you have 2 adults and 1 child in your family, we ask you to keep a budget of around $45-50/wk for your meat portion. Each week we will have a variety of different choices and we encourage members to make special requests if they need something specific.

What fruit? Fruit will come from local  fruit producers mostly in Wisconsin and/or Michigan.  Occasionally we work with folks from Illinois or Indiana. We strive to source certified organic when it is available, but will work with smaller family farms and producers that practice IPM methods. We hope to bring in cherries, blueberries, peaches, and apples.  In addition we will look for some berries, like raspberry and strawberry (these particular fruits don’t hold or travel well, making them challenging to manage, so will not be a large part of fruit availability).

Can I really take unlimited quantities of everything?  Yes and no. We will facilitate how the food is divided amongst the community members. Most of the time veggies will not have any restrictions on the amounts you take. Keep in mind this program is not designed to be shared with non CSA members, to be used for heavy juicing, or to provide for a house full of party guests. Depending on what the farm produces or brings in, sometimes items will have suggested quantities/person posted to help members gauge how much the farm has to offer and how much to take while still leaving enough for others. The following chart breaks down the anticipated cost division of your share.


What if I can’t come one week? Although the program is designed to feed folks on a weekly basis, we understand that occasionally members are gone or unavailable on the pick up day.  Alerting us of your pending absence by submitting a vacation hold form will help us plan.  Most times we will be in a position to let you take extra items either the week before you are gone or the week after you return. Some items like fruit or bread may be limited in their supply. There are no credits or makeups for this program.

Bulk/Canning and preserving options: In short, extra veggies will be included in the cost of the program and larger portions of fruit will need to be purchased separately. Depending on availability, vegetable items like tomatoes and cucumbers for preserving and canning will be available as part of the program.  Our fruit program will bring in allotted amounts of fruits for members, for example, 2 pints of blueberries/member. For those interested in bulk fruit, larger quantities will be available for purchase on our online farm store.

What if I am the last person there?  Will I still have choice or will I be stuck with what is left? We will bringing plenty of food each week throughout the entire 8 months, so that even the last member to the site will still have a wide range of options. We will also carefully monitor our inventory so that everyone has equal access to what the farm has produced.

What if I need to drop out of the program? We understand that life does happen.  In addition, joining a CSA is making an investment in and commitment to your farmer. The farmer is then able to plan accordingly; hire, purchase seed and equipment, and plant. In the “Choice” CSA program the cancellation fee will be 1/8 of the total cost of your member program (i.e 1 months worth).

Can I work for my food? Yes, please visit the worker share program tab on our website for more details.