c-WINTER MEAT Program Details:

WINTER MEAT Program Details:

What: You order and pay us up front or in installments. One time per month in October, November, and December, you go online and order $100 worth of meat from us.  We bring it into town at drop site locations for you to pick up, or we have it brought to your doorstep (some delivery fees apply).  Pretty cool, right?

When and Where:

  • Tuesday – Oct 17th, Nov 14th, and Dec 12th
    • Tuesday at Riverside Urban Ecology Center from 4:30-7pm
    • Tuesday at LotFotL Farm in Elkhorn from 11am-8pm
    • Tuesday at Good Harvest Market in Pewaukee/Waukesha from 12pm-7pm
    • Tuesday choose home delivery (learn more about our delivery area) from 12-6pm
  • Saturday – Oct 21st, Nov 18, Dec 16th
    • Saturday at Tippecanoe Church in Bay View Milwaukee from 9am-12pm

How Much: Members order $100 worth of meat each month.  Depending on whether you choose home delivery or a community site, there are some deliveries fees.  Total cost is between $300-$317.


1.) Q: Are there limits to how many of each cut you can order?

A: Yes, we do put limits in each item per month, for example, no more than 2 pks of bacon, 2 whole chickens, 4 lbs ground beef, etc.  This allows us to keep a more diverse inventory throughout the program and gives everyone access to most items.

2.) Q: Do we have to order exactly $100 worth of meat each time?

A: We ask members to stay pretty close to that amount.  There will be some wiggle room.  In the end, we the farmers, need to have a little creative freedom anyway, because we can only estimate the size of each cut.  If you order a $25 lb roast, and we only have a $20 one, we will reserve the right to make slight adjustments to your order so that you still get pretty close to what you wanted, but also have an order that equals about $100.