LotFotL Community Ala Carte Options:

Pastured Heritage Breed Hogs: The pigs are raised here on our farm in Elkhorn, WI. (We also have late season pork available that was raised by Dandee Berks) They are pastured and fed organically (Dandee Berk is not feeding organic, but using non-GMO feed). Pig are available for purchase as 35 lb, 70 lb, and 140 lb boxes, or as part of pigs noses 2012our Winter Meat Shares, that will include beef, chicken, and pork. Watch for our newsletter announcement or FB posting.

100% Grass Fed Beef: LotfotL is now working with Jerrett & Theresa Kowalski to supply grass fed beef to our customers in Southeast Wisconsin. They manage pastures using Managed Intensive Rotational Grazing. This means that during the warmer months, cattle are rotated between paddocks in the pasture, allowing them to constantly graze on fresh grass while the empty paddocks recover. This system is healthier for the animals, has less impact on the environment, and is less labor-intensive than other methods. When the growing season is over, animals are still on pasture, but their diets are supplemented with baled hay and baled peas & barley (NO GRAIN) so they always have plenty to eat. This beef is currently available in our mixed meat boxes and in our off season, winter and spring meat shares.

2016 SOLD OUT-Certified Organic, Heritage Breed, Pastured Thanksgiving Turkey: LotFotL is now partnering with Wholesome Harvest Farm to grow you a Bourbon Red heritage breed turkey for your Thanksgiving dinner.  These birds are PASTURE RAISED and CERTIFIED ORGANIC! The $35 deposit secures a bird ranging from 10-12 lbs to be delivered to your chosen drop site (place your order on our online farm store). Birds are delivered FROZEN. Deposit is non-refundable. Full cost of the bird is $4.95/lb.  An invoice will be emailed to you for the remaining balance in early November.

Honey: Our honey comes from the farm’s Honey Bee Sanctuary. The bees are given biodynamic teas in the Spring and Fall and allowed to forage in locations that are free of commercial chemicals and pesticides. HOney IV 2014We always leave plenty of honey for the bees, so that there is minimal or no need for supplemental feeding. We don’t treat with any antibiotics or synthetic chemicals. This honey is not a commodity produced in a bee slave factory, but a gift shared by our domestic bee friends. Thank you for supporting sustainable bee keepers. Available on the online farm store during our CSA season. (May-Dec)

Local Fruit: We seek out the best we can find for the season. Look for Michigan blueberries, Wisconsin peaches and apples and more. We look for small family farms with heart behind their work. When ever possible we choose organic. The fruit is the freshest and highest quality. Sign up for our E-newsletter to receive in season fruit availability updates.

Underground Meats: Superior quality, all natural, old school style salami. Find these available in our winter and spring meat shares.

Farm Fresh Eggs: Enjoy organically produced eggs from Wholesome Harvest farm, located near the city of Fort Atkinson, WI. We are pleased to be working with these folks and think you will love the quality of these eggs. The chickens enjoy free range pasture and are given only organic feed items. Sign up for an egg share today.

Organically and/or non-GMO Fed Chickens: Enjoy organically fed/and or non-GMO fed (depending on feed availability) chickens from Sandhill Family Farms, located near Broadhead, WI. We are pleased to be working with these folks and think you will love the quality of these birds, not to mention, feel good about the life they live enjoying free range pasture and high quality feed. Sign up for an chicken share today.