10 ways to fit CSA into your life!

CSA is a wonderful way to support local food in your community. It does though, take some creativity and flexibility. Here are some ideas to keep the momentum going all season long.


  1. Put a reminder alarm on your phone- Even when you leave the house with a full plan and the best intentions, a lot can happen in the day. A little alarm on your phone just before you leave work or on your lunch break can help ensure that you don’t miss boxes.
  2. Learn how to make soup- Soup is a CSA members best friend. After following a couple of recipes you will get the hang of it and start creating your own. We have some members that make “CSA soup” nearly every week. You can often times use four or more of your items in a delightful pot of soup that makes a pleasing dinner or an easy mason jar lunch to take to work.
  3. Pre-wash and chop your veggies-I like to take a look at what I got and see what I might be able to prep ahead of time so that on busy days during the week I can have ready to go veggies. After a long day, clean ready to go veggies can be the difference between a healthy veggie rich meal and a takeout from the corner.
  4. Think outside the pizza box-Pizza with spinach, cheese, diced shallots and halved Sungold tomatoes can make a pretty yummy meal, but what about roasted root pizza with roasted onion and garlic, topped with beets, carrots, and mushrooms? Sprinkle that with Parmesan and rosemary and you have a fantastic dinner! Order some Ney’s Big Sky sausages from our online farm store and add some sustainable and delicious meat to your pizza.
  5. LotFotL Recipe’s-Find recipe ideas in LotFotL’s newsletter, or on our Facebook, and twitter accounts. We are always sending out recipe ideas on FB and twitter. We also post new recipes to our website blog all of the time. We are here to inspire you.
  6. Eat more salad- Salad doesn’t have to be lettuce based. Shredded carrot or beet salad is simple and satisfying, especially if you have a food processor with a grater on it. Creative coleslaw can become a weekly favorite.
  7. Make smoothies- This can be a great way to use those greens. I use an inexpensive Ninja blender and make fantastic spinach and kale smoothies several times a week.
  8. Plan your meals- Take a look at the newsletter to see what we are sending you for the week. Taking time to prepare a supplemental shopping list of any items you may need to make delicious food all week can set you up for success.
  9. Have friends over for dinner- Combining dinner with social time can be really fun. Inviting friends over to help make a dinner with all of your fresh veggies from the farm can leave everone nourished on multiple levels. You would be surprised how many people will think helping you cook is fun.
  10. Freeze items- On weeks when you don’t think you will be able to finish everything, think about freezing some of your items for this winter. One of our busiest members once told me about how well she was going to be eating this winter because her freezer was full of share items that she had preserved to use later.