2013 Important CSA Information

This email newsletter went out mid May in the 2013 Season. It contains Important CSA information, such as How to Pick up CSA items and Special notes about your pickup site and more. To view the entire newsletter click here.
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How to Pick up CSA item

  1. Place all of your online farm store orders by Tuesday at midnight the week of pick up.
  2. Arrive at your pick up location within the set pick up hours on Thursday.
  3. Find and check off your name on the Roster Sheet, only taking what is listed after your name.
  4. Find your box size (Large for Seesaw and Gonzo and Small for Staple shares) Bridge shares will be in bags.

    Box sizes for your CSA boxes.  Small for Staple Shares, and Large for Gonzo and Seesaw Shares.

    Box sizes for your CSA boxes. Small for Staple Shares, and Large for Gonzo and Seesaw Shares.

  5. Transfer the contents into your reusable bag. (We do leave some plastic bags for anyone that forgets their bag)
  6. Please neatly stack all of the empty bins together
  7. Chicken and Egg shares will be located in the cooler next to the totes. Your item will have your name on it.
  8. Farm store items will be located in the cooler or next to the cooler. These items will have your name on them.
  9. Enjoy your farm fresh local food. Please call the farm if you have any questions or concerns. 920-318-3800

Special Notes For your
Pick up Site:

Each site will have it's own unique way that it runs. Most of our sites are self serve. Once you find out where the boxes are, it's EASY
Quinney Farm: Self serve. Pick up is in the walk in cooler inside the barn. Enter on the North side of the Barn.

Good Harvest Market: TOTES ARE IN THE HALLWAY OFF THE FREEZER AISLE. Remember to look for the plastic totes. There is more than one CSA farm at the store on Thursdays, so make sure you are picking up the LotFotL Box! Watch for a helper from 1pm-5PM.

Cafe Manna: Pick up is down stairs. Ask for assistance to pick up your box if you are new to this location.

Fair Trade For All: Self serve. Pick up is behind the store, but feel free to ask for guidance

Tess: Self serve

Roast: Self serve

Southeast Brookfield: This is an office building. Self serve. Look for the table in the lobby

Muskego: Self serve. Table near garage

Mukwonago: Self serve. On porch next to garage

East Troy: Self serve. Boxes in Vintage Hobby Farm Store building.

UU Church of the Lakes: Self Serve, boxes on the East side (Back) of the building.

Todd's House: Self serve. On the front porch

Anodyne: Self serve.
Valentine Coffee Roasters: As for your box at the counter.