2015 LotFotL Pork!

LotFotL 2015 Pork Availability

It is pork season.  As always supply is limited

Delivery begins week of Oct 12, 2015

Details: This year pork will be available in the following ways; meat shares, winter market, and whole, half, and quarter boxes

WHO: Most of the pork available and for sale was raised right here at LotFotL.  We are also working with Dandee Berks out of asdfad to help provide additional meat, specifically for the Winter Meat Shares. His animal husbandry practices are similar to our here at LotFotL.  After our allotted pork has sold out, we will make pork from Dandee Berks available in individual meat boxes as well.

Half, Whole, and Quarter Pork Meat Boxes: This year there will be 3 box sizes available for purchase.  To learn more about what is included in your box click here.


Meat Box Pricing: The following prices include kill, cut, wrap, and all the other processing.

  • 140# box(whole hog)-$1050 in full, $200 deposit paid in advance
  • 70# box(half hog)-$575, $150 deposit paid in advance
  • 35# box(1/4 hog)-$310, $100 deposit paid in advance
    Cancelled orders will be subject to a $25 cancellation fee.

Milwaukee County Winter Market: Our pork will also be sold a la carte at this market. To learn more about market details click here.

Meat shares: Shares that include pork, beef, chicken, lamb, and local specialty sausages will become available for sale in October and begin delivery in November.  For more details click here.

WHERE: Pork is available for delivery to all of our Thursday CSA drop sites (click here for details), South Shore Farmers Market (until Oct 17th), and for pick up at in East Troy at Hometown Sausage. Home delivery is also available for an additional fee.

Why: We believe choosing sustainable practices, like pasturing and using organic feed, have immeasurable long term benefits for both our personal health, the well being of the animals, and the overall harmony of the planet. Click here to learn more about  “What it’s like to be a Pig at LotFotL”.

Pick Up and Delivery: There are 3 ways to retrieve your meat

  • FREE – Pick up at Hometown Sausage (W1184 County Rd. L East Troy, WI 53120. 262-642-3264. Note: 35# boxes cannot be picked up at Hometown sausage
  • FREE – Pick up at any LotFotL’s Thursday CSA drop off location on CSA delivery day (click here for details), including South Shore farmer’s market on Saturdays (until Oct 17th).
  • DELIVERY FEE – Delivery to your doorstep Contact us personally to figureout the delivery costs to your door. Pricing will be determined based on your location and the time of day you need delivery.