2019 Winter Choice information page

2019 Winter Choice Program!

Our Winter CHOICE program is 20 weeks, running from November 18, 2018 through the end of March 2019. Members choose what they want for each week, and we deliver every Sunday to your doorstep.
How does it work
  • Choose your program (Full Spectrum, Meatless, Meat Only)
  • For Full Spectrum and Meatless, prices are based on the number of people in your family. Meat only is one price/family membership.
  • Sign up online today
  • Fill out your emailed order form by Thursday each week
  • Delivery is each Sunday (beginning November 18th)
  • Meat Only option is a monthly delivery, Full Spectrum and Meatless are delivered weekly
Delivery details and Options
  • Home delivery – All of Milwaukee county, Eastern Waukesha county, and Northeast Walworth county are all in our delivery area.
  • We deliver every Sunday, usually within the hours of 11-4pm
  • Not going to be home, leave us a cooler and your food will be waiting for you when you get home.


Full Spectrum – includes everything we have to offer. Delivered weekly
Veggies, meat, eggs, bread, cheese, and more.

Price: (20wk season)
Senior: $45/wk
Adult : $50/wk
Child 11-17: $25/wk
Child 5-10: $13/wk
Child 0-4: FREE

Meatless – Includes everything we have to offer minus the meat. Delivered weekly
Veggies, eggs, bread, cheese, and more. Just no meat

Price: (20wk season)
Senior: $33/wk
Adult : $35/wk
Child 11-17: $18/wk
Child 5-10: $9/wk
Child 0-4: FREE

Meat Only – Pick your meat cuts 1x/mo. Delivered monthly
Pork, Beef, Chicken, Lamb

Price: (5 deliveries)
Total: $100/month
It’s all sustainably produced and/or organic

FAQ: Full Spectrum and Meatless

1.) Q: What kind of veggies might I expect?
A: We’re counting on about 23 different veggie items for this program. You should have at least 8, and as many as 15 to choose from any given week. Winter Choice will have a seasonality to it, but based more on storability of crops than the weather outside. November and early December will likely include crops freshly harvested from tunnels and the fields, things like spinach, kale, lettuce, and napa cabbage. In Mid winter, while carrots, potatoes, and squash are abundant, cauliflower and onions may become less so. Late February will rely heavily on roots and tubers. By mid March, we’re likely to have microgreens again(if not sooner), and some regrowth of tunnel crops that have thawed.
2.) Q: How much meat is acceptable?
A:That depends on you and how you eat. We expect for the average omnivorous family that 20-40% of the calories you consume will come from meat. So, if you spend $50/wk with us in the Full Spectrum plan, $10-20 of meat per adult seems about right. Not everyone eats the same, and not every week’s menu planning, thankfully, is redundant. So, consider $10-20/adult a good guideline, but not a fast rule.
3.) Q: So how much do I get?
A: That really depends on you, how much you eat, and how big your family is.  We know you are used to getting a box that the farmer has full control over, but this program is really designed to help you get what you need and want for the week.  Although we give you some guidelines or goalposts to help you make decisions, and do have some limitations especially on meat, you pretty much get to pick what you want.  To be clear, stocking up on items or feeding more people than you paid for would jeopardize the program and the farm.  We want to develop a lasting and deep relationship with you, so we will be transparent about what we have, and we trust you to take what you need for each week. We know this takes some getting used to, so if you feel unsure, we invite you to have a conversation about it with us.

FAQ: Meat only

1.) Q: Are there limits to how many of each cut you can order?
A: Yes, we do put limits on each item per month. Examples: no more than 2 pks of bacon, 2 whole chickens, 4 lbs ground beef, etc. This allows us to keep a more diverse inventory throughout the program and gives everyone access to most items.
2.) Q: Do we have to order exactly $100 worth of meat each time?
A: We ask members to stay pretty close to that amount. There will be some wiggle room. In the end, we the farmers, need to have a little creative freedom anyway, because we can only estimate the size of each cut. If you order a $25 lroast, and we only have a $20 one, we will reserve the right to make slight adjustments to your order so that you still get pretty close to what you wanted, but also have an order that equals about $100.
3.) How much are the meat cuts?
A: Here is a sampling of our most common meat cuts.  It will give you an idea of where the price falls.  All of our meat is locally produced (either on our farm or from a farm that we know and trust) and either organic or pastured, and always GMO free no matter what.
  • Pork: ground $6/lb, Sausage $8/lb, $8/12oz package, pork chops $10/lb.
  • Beef: ground $7/b,  roast $8/lb, premium steaks (t-bone,ribeye, etc.) $15/lb, other steaks (round, sirloin, etc) $7-10/lb.
  • Lamb: ground $10/lb
  • Chicken: Whole $4/lb, Half and quartered $4.50/lb
  • (prices are subject to change, but are usually right around this amount)