2020 Choice Home Delivery Weekly Ordering Page


Orders are Due by midnight on Saturdays the week before deliveries 

  • CHOICE MEMBERS, if you do not order, we will pick something out for you, so if you don’t want delivery please give us 48 hrs notice.
  • PART-TIME MEMBERS, if you do not order, we will assume you don’t want food this week. You get to order 15 times out of the 23 weeks.

~Please order only what you plan to use for the week.
~We suggest about 1 block of cheese per adult (count kids as 1/2 just for this scenario)
~We suggest about $15-20/adult for your meat choices (count kids as 1/2 just for this scenario)

~You are eligible for up to 7 produce items.

Week 26: 2020 Pre-order Programs (DELIVERED Tuesday, Nov 3rd)

Thank you for filling out the top section EVERY week. This helps us keep important information at hands reach on each report that we run.

COVID-19 Delivery protocol

Due to the virus this year we will be more specific with our needs from you around delivery. In order to keep you and our staff safe, we REQUIRE members to have a container set side their door to receive food (we recommend a beach cooler). Our drivers will have orders in reusable totes that they will transfer the food from into your containers. These totes must come back with the drivers, so you must have a container ready to receive the food. Drivers are not allowed to go inside homes or garages etc. Thank you for your cooperation, flexibility, and patience with us this year.

Veggies - CHOICE Members (Omnivore, vegetarian, and produce only) and PART-TIME Produce Members

The program is designed for you to order what you plan to eat each week. All produce is certified organic, unless otherwise noted. WE DO OUR BEST TO ESTIMATE WHAT IS AVAILABLE, BUT SOMETIMES WE JUST WON'T HAVE IT, SO WHAT YOU ORDER MAY NOT MATCH WHAT YOU GET.
loose. 1 =a few onions. 2=lots of onions
loose. 1 =a few 2=lots
large, loose beets
Mild yet flavorful roots
Delicious and beautiful loose carrots. 1=a handful 2=a couple handfuls
smaller, but not babies. bunched
Medium sized
4 oz bag
small/medium heads
Likely to be acorn or butternut


In our pricing, $15-20 per adult per week is budgeted towards meat. This doesn't restrict you to use this specific amount each week, but should give you a ballpark idea of what is an appropriate amount. Going over or under this amount in either direction can make the arrangement less financially good for either of us.


All beef is grass fed and finished. Our main supplier of beef is Abiding Acres in Delavan. They hay some of our fields and raise Devon beef that is quite tender. Later in the year we will feature Gitto Farm beef too. Gitto's also make our tortillas.
1# packs
8oz packs
Chuck, or Rump. Approximately 2#
10 oz steaks or so. Single pack
extra large steaks(2#+) I like to broil mine and then cut into fajita strips for the week ahead
Large steaks from the sirloin tip. Versatile.


NEW* LotFotL Chickens Fed Organically on our Farm
2 per pack $8/lb average $14
2 per pack $10/lb average $18
6 per pack $12 value


From GreenFire Farm. Several cuts available. We will make 1-2 types ready on a weekly basis
average package 1#


We start the year with LotFotL Pork. Our pigs are pastured from day one at the farm, and fed organic feed. We also have some non gmo fed pork raised by the Sheaffer family. They are the first organic farmers I ever met, and are partly responsible for me farming today. Their son Avery raised these berks right. In mid summer, we will have some non gmo berkshire bacon and sausage made by Hometown Sausage Kitchen. Their recipes are outstanding! We will wrap up the year with LotFotL Pork again. If not noted, assume the pork is LotFotL.


-our smoked and cured products use celery juice and cherry juice powder as their source of nitrites. This is a comparable practice to what is often called "no nitrites added" or "nitrite free" in stores. If a product contains sodium nitrite from pink salt, we will let you know.
Sakura pork. Dry cured. Nice, sweeter bacon
1# packages
Sandhill Pork-richer and a bit fattier than bacon
Excellent meat, and useful for making a smokey base for soups. 1-2# hocks typically

Sausage and Ground Pork

LotFotL Pork
LotFotL Pork
Raised by LotFotL

Fresh(frozen) Cuts

2 per pack. Raised by LotFotL
Meaty roasts with small amounts of bone. Fat is distributed outside the meat mostly. Great pot roast
basically a tube of boneless pork chops. about 2# roasts
Cut from the shoulder, well marbled, hard to dry out when cooking. 2/pack
Large racks of skinny ribs
Excellent for soup stock. 2#bags

Cheese- Omnivore and Vegetarian members

Blocks are 8oz packages. Suggested order is 1 block per adult member.
Cedar Grove
Cedar Grove
Cedar Grove
Cedar Grove
Cedar Grove
Cedar Grove
Cedar Grove
Clockshadow-a spreadable cheese

Eggs - Omnivore and Vegetarian members

Bryant Family Farms will supply us with eggs this year. His focus and methods on raising birds is exceptional in the region. He provides appropriate levels of pasture access to all his birds, and has worked hard to find birds that are the very best grazers and foragers. I think you will see the difference all of that makes in his egg quality. Non-GMO fed. (not organic)

Bread - Omnivore and Vegetarian members

Remember, you are always ordering bread a week out. So what you order on this form, will not come with this order, but the next.

Note: The bakery will do the best it can to slice our bread, but sometimes has time constraints and cannot. They make pain de mie a priority to slice, so if slicing is important to you, that one is your best bet.