2020 LotFotL CSA Terms and Conditions Contract 

2020 LotFotL CSA Terms and Conditions Contract

I do hereby affirm my desire to become a member of LotFotL Community Farm in 2020.  I am comfortable with the farm communicating changes, updates, and announcements about my shares via email.

Payment Commitments: In signing up for a CSA share I am committing to investing the full cost of my share into the farm. Whether I pay in full or in installments, I am liable for the full amount of the share. I understand that the farm plans its vegetable and meat production and makes investments based on these commitments, so it is imperative that I fully pay for my share.  I understand that this is an investment, so some years the return is especially high and some years it may be a bit lower than hoped.

Cancellation: In the event that I feel I must discontinue with my share and I can’t find anyone to step into my place, I understand that the cancellation fee for “Choice” CSA program members will be 1/6 of the total cost of their program (aka 1 months worth of the cost). For any other program (part-time produce, meat, and market) there is a $150 cancellation fee regardless of when I cancel.

Pick up Commitments:

“Choice” CSA Program: I understand that this program is designed to feed members on a weekly basis and works best if members pick up once a week. Members must arrive between the listed pick up times at their site to receive their food.

Part-time Produce: I will pick up food from the specified location during the published hours and follow the directions given at the site. This program allows me to pick up on 15 weeks of my choice out of the 26 weeks of delivery. There are no credits or refunds given for not redeeming all of my eligible 15 weeks.

Home delivery Shares: If I have chosen a home delivery program, I will supply a visible cooler in a designated place to have my food left in when it is delivered. LotFotL reserves the right to cancel a delivery due to poor weather. In the event of unsafe weather conditions for delivery, a new delivery day and time will be established in partnership with you to ensure your order safely reaches you, and the farmer safely makes it home thereafter.

South Shore Market Shares: I will pick up my items at the farm stand between 8am and 12pm. This program allows me to pick up on 17 weeks of my choice out of the 20 weeks of operation. There are no credits or refunds given for not redeeming all of my eligible 17 weeks.

Turkeys: Birds are picked up at the farm starting in mid November (official date TBA) and must be claimed by Dec 31st. Call to schedule your pick up time.

Farmer/Member Commitment

“Choice” CSA Program: I’m willing to share in the risks of investing in an organic farmer and will not hold Tim Huth or LotFotL legally accountable for extenuating circumstances that may minimize the return on my investment. I understand that each week will make available vegetables and fruit that are in season, so, as the seasons develop so will the heartiness of the vegetables.  I understand that sustainable meat will be available from LotFotL and/or other local Wisconsin or regional producers. Other food will be sourced from local Wisconsin or regional businesses/farms. I am expecting a season’s worth of food of reasonable quantity, quality, and variety as appropriate return on this investment.

Farm Communication: By signing up for the CSA, I understand that I will be added to the weekly email list. This is how LotFotL communicates updates and changes, as well as what will be in/available for shares each week.

Thank you for choosing LotFotL Community Farm!  We look forward to growing with you this season.