Meat share order page

LotFotL Meat share order page

Please choose the contents of this month’s share from the choices listed below. Your total should fall between $97 and $103.

Ordering deadline is midnight on Saturday the week before delivery

Summer Delivery Schedule:

  • August 25th, 27th or 29th
  • September 22nd, 24th or 26th
  • October 20th, 22nd, or 24th

3rd Month: DELIVERED Oct 20, 22 or 24

Make sure you know your pick up or delivery details.

Thank you for filling out the top section EVERY month. This helps us keep important information at hands reach on each report that we run.

COVID-19 protocol-Home Delivered Products

Due to the virus this year we will be more specific with our needs from you around delivery. Food will arrive in a hot cold bag. We recommend having a beach cooler by your door for the driver to put the meat into, as the cold bags have limited capacity to keep your meat frozen.

Drivers are NOT allowed to go inside homes or garages etc. Thank you for your cooperation, flexibility, and patience with us this year.

COVID-19 protocol-Picking up at our truck

-When you arrive at the distribution truck, one of your farmers will get you your food.

-Social distancing: To help support social distancing we ask that only 1 person comes to the truck to get the food for now. Please stay in your car if it is starting to feel congested. Space opens up fairly quickly. Please allow 6ft between you and the other members picking up. Masks are encouraged.

-High Risk members (preexisting conditions or seniors): If you fit into this category and do not feel comfortable approaching the truck to get your food. Please call us when you get there and someone will bring your food over to your car. Tuesday - 920-318-3800, Thursday & Saturday - 262-951-0794.

-Parking: All of our locations are in parking lot areas. Please be considerate of others that will need to use these lots or drive in them when you are choosing where to park your vehicle.

Meat Section-

Please choose $100 worth of meat. We do our best to fill your order accurately.


All beef is grass fed and finished. Our main supplier of beef is Abiding Acres in Delavan. They hay some of our fields and raise Devon beef that is quite tender. Later in the year we will feature Gitto Farm beef too. Gitto's also make our tortillas.
1/2# chubs "no nitrite added"
smaller than grain fed, larger animals, but well marbled. Single packs of approximately 8-10 oz steaks.
Large 2# steaks. Excellent broiled and cut into strips for fajitas
1 to 1.5# steaks. Tender and Juicy
2-2.5# approximately
1-1.5# approximately
1# packs
1lb each


A special year for Chicken, as LotFotL expands its own flock. Until then, Reimer Family Farms and Bryant Family Farms will contribute their fully pastured, non gmo fed birds.
From Bryant Family Farms. "Label Rouge" standards followed. Not like other chickens, but still a chicken.
$10/lb average size is 1.5-2#
$8/lb average is 1.3#. 2/pack
From Bryant Family Farms. "Label Rouge" standards followed. Full of collagen and great for stock. Average 5 lb/ bag at $4.50/lb


Green Fire Farms LLC. 100% Grass-fed
$20/lb. Very Small Chops


We start the year with LotFotL Pork. Our pigs are pastured from day one at the farm, and fed organic feed. We also have some non gmo fed pork raised by the Sheaffer family. They are the first organic farmers I ever met, and are partly responsible for me farming today. Their son Avery raised these berks right. In mid summer, we will have some berkshire bacon and sausage made by Hometown Sausage Kitchen. Their recipes are outstanding! We will wrap up the year with LotFotL Pork again. If not noted, assume the pork is LotFotL.


-our smoked and cured products use celery juice and cherry juice powder as their source of nitrites. This is a comparable practice to what is often called "no nitrites added" or "nitrite free" in stores. If a product contains sodium nitrite from pink salt, we will let you know.
Excellent meat and bones to use as a base for soups and stews. $5/lb
Shaved, nitrite free deli ham. Lunchmeat. About 1# packages
Sakura pork-Dry cured by Hometown Sausage
12 oz packs-same great bacon, just oddly shaped or imperfectly cut. use the same way, or make bits by cutting it up fine.

Sausage and Ground Pork

1 lb pack
LotFotL Pork. Sorg's Recipe
LotFotL Pork. Sorgs Recipe

Fresh(frozen) Cuts

2 per pack. Raised by LotFotL
2 per pack. Raised by LotFotL
Butt, or Shoulder Picnic. about 2# each
Loin roasts. About 2#
Great for soup stocks. About 2 lbs