2019-20 WINTER Choice CSA Weekly ORDER Page

2019-2020 Winter CHOICE CSA Order Page


~Fill out the order form below asap. SINGLE ORDERS for this week. 
~Orders due by Thursday, Feb 20TH at noon.
~Bread orders due via text or email by Wednesday



~Please order only what you plan to use for the week.
~We suggest about 1 block of cheese per adult (count kids as 1/2 just for this scenario)
~We suggest about $15-20/adult for your meat choices (count kids as 1/2 just for this scenario)
~We will collect your bread order separately via email/text.  Due by Wednesday


~Parsnip & celeriac bake
~Rutabaga souffle
~Beef and celeriac stew


This is our final delivery for you this winter. Please order 1 weeks worth of food. Supplies are limited in the final weeks. We will do our best to divvy up what we have while making sure everyone gets some. We are heavy on potatoes, kohlrabi, rutabaga, and celeriac, so make sure to take advantage of that.

Week 16: 2020 Choice Home Delivery (DELIVERED Feb 23rd) FINAL DELIVERY

Thank you for filling out the top section EVERY week. This helps us keep important information at hands reach on each report that we run.
(NO BREAD REQUESTS - DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR BREAD REQUEST VIA THIS FORM, IT IS TOO LATE BY THE TIME WE READ IT) (please text, email, or call in bread orders 262-951-0794 by Wednesday each week)


All produce is certified organic, unless otherwise noted. The program is designed for you to order what you plan to eat each week. We will do our best to pack exactly what you order, but on occassion mistakes, and out of stocks will happen. This is the nature of stored veggies. One week something looks good, but that doesn't mean it will keep as well as anticipated.
extra large type. excellent for ferments, or fresh eating
from Tipi Produce, usually smaller than those in grocery stores
from Tipi Produce-large roots
from Springdale Farm - most are med in size
from Tipi Produce
LIMITED SUPPLIES from Tipi Produce
From Igl Farms in Antigo WI.
From Igl Farms in Antigo WI.
From Igl Farms in Antigo WI.
LIMITED SUPPLIES Springdale farm.
Our popcorn is ready for popping! We send it to you on the cob and you get to experience of shelling it off or popping it on the cob in the microwave. (see recipe links above)
We will try to do SALAD MIX this time around. Cross your fingers that we can harvest it.


In our pricing, $15-20 per adult per week is budgeted towards meat. This doesn't restrict you to use this specific amount each week, but should give you an idea of what is an appropriate amount. Going over or under this amount is fine, but doing so in the extreme in either direction starts to make the arrangement less financially good for either of us. Meat availability will change on a weekly basis, but if you have a special request for something you don't see you can let us know in the comments section below or give us a call.


All beef is grass fed and finished. Note: "nitrite free" means naturally occurring nitrites found in celery juice powder replace sodium nitrite in the curing process. Our selection of beef cuts and products will fluctuate throughout the year, as different suppliers come on board. Current beef is from Gitto farm and Abiding acres. Note: beef selection will be quite low until early December
meat is from Gitto Family Farm in Watertown. Nicely seasoned all beef brats. 4 per pack
Abiding Acres in Delavan .
Raised by Abiding Acres in Delavan. 1# chubs "no nitrite added"
These could be from 1 of a number of local farms that we works with.
Both rump and chuck roast available. Weighing in around 2 lbs.
Weighing in around 1 lb per package
Weighing in around 1 lb per pack
Weighing in around .5 lb per pack
Weighing in around 1 lb per pack

Ground Lamb

the last batch we will get from Rick Mortimor who is having to give up raising sheep.


Our Chicken comes from Reimer Family Farm in Broadhead. Pastured birds are fed non gmo feed.
Raised by Reimer Family Farm - Pasture raised and fed Non GMO feed


Our hope is that all the pork you eat this winter will come from LotFotL. If we run out late in the season, we may supplement, but it's looking like we should have plenty. Pigs are fed certified organic feed. Berkshire hogs, so bred for chops, but good bacon too. All smoked and cured items are "no nitrites added." This means that celery juice powder supplies the nitrites for curing instead of saltpeter.


LotFotL lunchmeat, from our pigs. 1 # packages
Raised by LotFotL
Raised by LotFotL - smoked shoulder cut into bacon sized strips. More marbled than bacon. 12 oz packs
Raised by LotFotL - Traditionally used as meaty base for soups, but very versatile. 1-2.5# each

Sausage and Ground Pork

Raised by LotFotL, not as spicy as they sound, but delicious with a little kick
Raised by LotFotL,
Raised by LotFotL,
Raised by LotFotL, Not really very hot, just nice and flavorful.
Raised by LotFotL, contains dried berries and ground walnuts, creating a unique texture and flavor.
Raised by LotFotL.
Raised by LotFotL and delicious, but not actually very spicy. Our butcher mislabeled these, so it says the wrong farm on it, but they assure us that it is our pigs (the farm on the label doesn't raise pigs).

Fresh(frozen) Cuts-

Raised by LotFotL - 2 per pack
Raised by LotFotL -single packed, small/medium sized
Raised by LotFotL - about 1.5# ea
Raised by LotFotL
Raised by LotFotL - butt and shoulder picnic. Approximately 2# each. Make a note if a strong preference for butt or shoulder is desired, though we generally find these to cook up about the same
If we sell out of a meat item that you ordered, do you have 1 or 2 alternatives that would work well for you?


NOTE* Varieties and quantities are limited, so we may need to substitute. Suggested order is 1 block per adult member.
Cedar Grove
Cedar Grove
Cedar Grove
Cedar Grove - delicious young cheese that is very versatile.
Clock Shadow - Mexican soft white cheese that melts well with a flavor similar to mild cheddar.
Cedar Grove
Cedar Grove
Cedar Grove
Clock Shadow - super creamy, melts well. Great for grilled cheese or mac n cheese.
Clock Shadow -
Clock Shadow -
As you can see, we have limited supply in many of the cheese varieties, so we will do more substitutions than normal. If there is a cheese that you absolutely DO NOT want, let us know.


Eggs come from Riemer Family Farms and are non gmo fed. Fully pastured. We buy the eggs in flats and pack them in cartons. Because we are reusing cartons, the eat by date on the package does not correspond to the actual. Expect a use by date to be 2-3 weeks out of any carton you get from us.
(oh, and we will always take back your egg cartons)

Ala Carte Purchases??

if you wish to add meat to your order and aren't enrolled in a program that provides meat, select "yes" in the field below and order meat on the form. We will email you an invoice for your order.
NO BREAD REQUESTS - IT IS TOO LATE BY THE TIME WE READ THE FORM. Text, email, or call in bread orders to 262-951-0794 by Wednesday each week