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Choose a program that meets your needs and then come to your pick up site and pick out your own food.  Talk to your farmer every week, so you and your kids can know where your food came from and how it was grown. Home delivery and pre-order options also available. Program foods are either grown on the farm or sourced locally.  Our farm values and looks for small scale producers that use organic and/or sustainable methods.

COVID-19: With the world of COVID-19 still strong and active, our pickup protocol will be similar to last year. Members come to the truck and order their food from a distance. Truck assistants pack your food basket based on your specifications. Proper protective equipment is worn and social distancing is requested and practiced.

VEGGIES PLUS: Includes veggies, fruit, eggs, cheese, bread, and seasonal bulk canning/freezing items (tomatoes, cukes, etc.). See price chart below.

PRODUCE ONLY: Will include veggies and fruit and seasonal bulk canning/freezing items (tomatoes, cukes, etc.). See price chart below.

PART-TIME PRODUCE: Members get up to 7 produce items when they pick up. Pick up on any 15 of the 24 weeks of delivery. Simple and flexible. $300+$40 deposit.

MEAT ADD ON PACKAGE: Add a weekly meat allowance to your weekly food. Order your meat each week online and have it delivered with your CSA items. Choose from $20/wk, $40/wk, $60/wk, or $80/wk.

SOUTH SHORE MARKET (MKE): Pick up your VEGGIES PLUS, PRODUCE ONLY or PART-TIME produce at the Farmers Market. All items are pre-ordered. Meat ahttps://lotfotl.com/what-to-expect/dd-ons are welcomed. Programs run on a different schedule and price structure to align with the market season schedule (see prices and schedule below)

HOME DELIVERY ADD ON PACKAGE: Our VEGGIES PLUS package is available for delivery in our delivery area. (Add a meat package to this program if you would like) We charge an additional $7.70/wk for delivery. See delivery zone below

Click to view: LotFotL Delivery Zone


How Much: Price is based on how many people are in your family. The contract runs for the entire season, so members commit to paying for the full 24 weeks of service. Members can pay all at once, or put down their deposit and schedule automated monthly payments for the season.

Price Chart: Take a look at the program that you are interested in and use the chart to determine the full cost. Example: A family with 2 adults and one child between the ages of 5 and 10 that chose the Veggies Plus option would pay….$69/wk.  OR $30+$30+$9=$69*24 = $1656 for the season. Children under 5 years old are free.

Meat Add On Options: Add your choice of meat programs to determine the additional weekly meat allotment. Option 1: $480 ($20/wk), Option 2: $960 ($40/wk), Option 3: $1440 ($60/wk), and Option 4: $1920 ($80/wk). Meat will be ordered online each week and delivered with your CSA items. Meat credits are good for 1 season and will expire at the end of October. Because of limited inventory, per week order limits apply, so folks need to order meat throughout the season instead of in lump sums. We will not deliver more than $100 worth of meat in one week.

Farmer Market Choice Prices: Farmers market price schedule keeps the same weekly price, but runs for 20 weeks instead of 24. Starting and ending with the market season.

  1 adult senior children 11-17 children 5-10
market produce only $400.00 $380.00 $220.00 $120.00
market veggies plus $600.00 $580.00 $380.00 $180.00

Farmer Market Meat Add On Option: The meat add on prices are based on a 20 week season. Option 1: $400 ($20/wk), Option 2: 800 ($40/wk), Option 3: $1200 ($60/wk), and Option 4: $1600 ($80/wk).

Pay installments: Setting up a payment program is easy.  Members pay a standard deposit, due at the time of sign up, and their balance due will be divided into 5 monthly payments due at the beginning of each month starting in June.  The installments are set up with a credit/debit card to generate automated payments through FarmMatch, our CSA sign up software OR by sending post-dated checks.

When: Approximate dates = EARLY JUNE – LATE OCTOBER (24 weeks) but mother nature will ultimately decide.

Where: Our delivery sites are as follows.  Members will be served directly out of our truck.  It is like a farmers market on wheels! (COVID safety precautions will be in place)

Most Frequent Question:

Q: So, how much food do I get?

A: Exactly the amount you want. The CHOICE program is designed for families to take what they will eat for the week.  We do have some guidelines and restrictions that apply.  Click on the Learn More About Choice CSA button below to view our guidelines and learn more about how the program flows.

Learn More About Choice CSA

Food Equity Program: As we continue to build community through local and sustainable food, we have started a food equity program that is designed to build and support a more diverse community and make food more accessible to everyone. Members that value this concept and want to contribute financially may do so.  Donations will go toward reducing the costs of our programs for potential members that express a desire and need for financial assistance.

Food Equity Application

CSA Organic Disclaimer: The vast majority of what goes into CSA shares is grown in accordance with standards set for organic certification and is certified organic. On occasion some crops come from other farms or fields that, while managed in a way consistent with certified organic crops, are not currently certified. Any not certified items are always disclosed in our newsletters, on ordering forms, and at the pick up locations.

The Choice Mission:

Our mission is to build deep and nourishing relationships with the families that support the farm while providing an enticing variety of local foods to them.  We strive to provide our customers with access to food that supports their values; making food more than just a meal.  We will produce the majority of the foods at the farm and rely on other local and sustainable producers to help increase selection, ultimately creating an experience that invites members to share in the celebrations and challenges that farming brings.