2021 CSA Food


CHOICE PRODUCE ONLY AND VEGGIES PLUS: Every week you can expect a nice variety of seasonal veggies, usually grown at LotFotL. Members will be able to choose what they need for the week. As long as members agree to only take what they plan to use for the week, we feel confident that we will have enough for everyone to take what they will use. If we have a limited supply on something it will show a max quantity available.
  • Bulk requests (included in the choice programs, extra for the part-time produce group).  Sometimes we will have lots of something, such as tomatoes, and we will let everyone know when that happens, so that you can request bulk amounts.  But, even if we don’t mention it, you can ask about something you might be interested in. We feel prepared to give you an honest yes or no answer based on what we have available.

PART-TIME PRODUCE: Members pick up to 7 veggie items each week. (cheese, eggs, and bread are not included in this program)


MEAT SHARES: Each week we have a selection of locally produced sustainable meat (beef, pork, chicken, lamb, and specialty items) that can be pre-ordered from our Farmmatch farm store. You will buy down from a credit that has been provided to your account. Inventory will vary from week to week. A meat share is required to have access to our meat. See our FAQ’s to learn who produces the meat.


We will have cheese available from Cedar Grove (both organic and hormone/antibiotic free varieties) and Clock Shadow. We suggest members take up to 1 block/adult/wk.


Eggs will be Certified Organic from Alden Hills Organic Farms. We suggest 6-12 eggs/adult/wk.


We plan to bring in bread from Rocket Baby Bakery, Gitto Farm n Kitchen, and Tortillas Los Angeles . We will take bread orders for each week. This will help us to confidently provide you with what you want and need and eliminate waste within the system. We suggest 1 loaf for every 1 to 2 adults/wk.
We have provided guidelines about how much food the average family takes.  As long as your food orders fall within. That is ok.  If your needs fall really far outside of these guidelines, talk to us.  The point of the program is to be able to provide what you need and will eat for that week, so it might just be as simple as having a conversation so that we bring enough of the right foods. That being said, this program was planned and priced based on pre-COVID lifestyles.  We may have to tweak our program guidelines slightly and/or be more rigid about you staying within these guidelines in order to make sure we have food for everyone.  We appreciate your flexibility as we adapt and adjust as a community.