How to Pickup Your CSA items with LotFotL Community Farm

IMG_4036•    SMALL totes are the Petite Shares (both weekly and biweekly)
•    LARGE totes are the Full Shares (both weekly and biweekly
•    SWAP box is in a large blue rubber made bin


  1. Find and check off your name on the Check off sheet, only taking what is listed after your name.
  2. Find the correct size box and empty the contents into your bag.
    NOTE: Boxes will not have your name on them, so you need to know what size to take.
  3. Please neatly stack all of the empty bins together so they’re nesting inside each other.
  4. Chicken and Egg shares will be located in the portable coolers.

Enjoy your farm fresh, local food. Please call the farm if you have any questions or concerns. 920-318-3800

Community request: If it is not listed after you name, please don’t take it, even if you are sure that you should be getting it. This is someone else’s food. Please call the farm so that we know that something isn’t quite right. We will take care of you and get you your food, we promise!