c-CHOICE Winter MEAT Share Program

WINTER CHOICE Program Details:

What: We have now extended the original CHOICE program for 13 more weeks, running from January through March 2018. Members will have access to storage crops, meat, eggs, bread, cheese, and more (items like maple syrup, honey, grains, and dry beans, are all possibilities). Being it is the winter season, we will ask you to pre-order your items via email and we will have your boxes prepacked and ready to go for you when you arrive at your pick up location.

When and Where:

  • Tuesday – Jan-March 2018
    • Tuesday at Riverside Urban Ecology Center from 4-6pm
    • Wednesday at LotFotL Community Farm (Elkhorn WI) from 4-6pm.
    • Saturday at New Berlin (Hanke St) from 4pm-6pm
    • Saturday at Tippecanoe Church (pickup from the truck) 10:30am-12:30pm

How Much: Members order what they need each week.  Your “budget” will be determined based on how many members are in your household. Your prices are listed below.  All household members must be enrolled.

  • SENIOR Adult (age 65 and up) $642
  • ADULT $676
  • CHILDREN (ages 11-17) $384
  • CHILDREN (ages 5-10) $165
  • CHILDREN (ages 0-4) $0



1.) Q: How do you know what I want?

A: Each week members will get an email that outlines what is available. Email in your food requests. The inventory list will change each week. Keep in mind, this is winter, so your veggie options will be more limited.  See question number 2 for more details.

2.) Q: What will be available?

A: We will maintain an inventory of beef, chicken, and pork.  In addition we will have cheese, eggs (when available), and bread on a regular basis.  Specialty items like honey and maple syrup will be available in limited quantities. We will also make vegetable available; keep in mind, this is winter, so your veggie options will consist of storage crops and will only be around for as long as they can hold.  We will also bring in River Valley Mushrooms, make every effort to maintain hoop house greens, and give indoor microgreens our best shot.

3.) Q: How much can I take?

A: Members are encouraged to ask for what they will use in a given week.  Farmers Tim and April may need to adjust orders based on what is available. Suggested amounts may be noted on your emailed availability.

3.) Q: Is there a vegetarian option?

A: Being the winter share will have limited availability on vegetable choices, we do not have a vegetarian option for this program.  Our 2018 May CHOICE program will have a vegetarian option.