MEAT Program Details:

2018-2019 Winter Meat Share Program Details:

Welcome to the new and improved Winter Meat Share! For 3 months, order the meat you need for the month, and, best of all, have it delivered right to your doorstep! Awesome right? Yes indeed!


  • Cost is $500.
  • $200 deposit at time of sign up
  • Payment plan available

Meat options include:

  • organically fed and pastured pork
  • grass fed beef,
  • gmo free pastured chicken
  • pastured lamb raised chem and corn free.

Home delivery included in cost for members in Milwaukee, eastern Waukesha, and northeastern Walworth counties. For those outside this area, email [email protected] We may be able to squeeze you in, for a small fee.

The week before delivering, we will give you access to a simple online ordering form that you will use to place your order. Simply click the mouse, and ready the stove!

Deliveries start Nov 18! Limited space, so don’t wait, don’t hesitate, sign up today!

Sign up here


1.) Q: Are there limits to how many of each cut you can order?

A: Yes, we do put limits in each item per month, for example, no more than 2 pks of bacon, 2 whole chickens, 4 lbs ground beef, etc.  This allows us to keep a more diverse inventory throughout the program and gives everyone access to most items.

2.) Q: Do we have to order exactly $100 worth of meat each time?

A: We ask members to stay pretty close to that amount.  There will be some wiggle room.  In the end, we the farmers, need to have a little creative freedom anyway, because we can only estimate the size of each cut.  If you order a $25 lb roast, and we only have a $20 one, we will reserve the right to make slight adjustments to your order so that you still get pretty close to what you wanted, but also have an order that equals about $100.