a-About LotFotL

LotFotL is an acronym, standing for Living off the Fat of the Land. On the farm, as in life, certificed organiceverything depends on something else. To live off the fat of the land is to live harmoniously as a member of a greater community, to bask in your role in a system which feeds you so long as you feed it. It is the celebration, and the recognition that you cannot be you without these systems.

We strive to apply systematic thinking to the farm, treating the land like the vast and complex space that it is. In building our relationship to the soil we are placing our bets that if we fulfill the role of stewards and caretakers of this super complex set of interactions, this system will reciprocate and care for us. But even if it doesn’t, even if waves someday wash over our fields, or the sun bakes Earth’s flesh to a crusty and crumbly and lifeless space, we will have acted from this place of intention, and will be better for it. To Live off the fat of the land, then, is simply to live.

LotFotL Offers

Choice- mulitple CSA shares from traditional styles to 100% choice of what you get.
Service- we will take care of you
Stewardship- we will take care of the land
Community– we value community