Best Practices for LotFotL CSA Members

  1. Only take what is listed after your name on the check list. You have now joined a community. If it is not listed after your name, it is intended for someone else.
  2. Call right away if something isn’t right. We cannot fix it if we don’t know about it. The sooner you call the higher your chance of optimum results.
  3. Consult your member account or the FAQ page on our website.  Your farmer needs to have time to grow your food.  You can help by looking for information on your account page or our website.
  4. Send helpers prepared. If you are having someone else pick up your box, make sure to give them all the information that they need. It is fine to ask them to do it, but make sure they know the size of the box they need and to consult the check off sheet.
  5. Set an Alarm. We all get busy and no one wants to miss out on their food.  Remember, unclaimed food is NOT returned to the farm, but donated at the end of the day on Thursday. Setting and alarm or using post it note reminders helps you to make sure your box gets picked up.