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Winter Choice Program

What to Expect with Winter Choice CSA

Your order LINK arrives via email and all orders must be submitted by Thursday or Sunday depending on your delivery day.  Farmer Tim delivers your food to your home on  Sunday or Wednesday (see delivery schedule). Members are advised to give us reasonable options to keep your food safe like a beach cooler at your doorstep (remember, our drivers cannot go inside buildings anymore because of covid). Deliveries typically happen between 10am and 3pm.


Veggies: Every week you can expect a variety of seasonal veggies, usually grown at LotFotL, or one of our local partner farms. The winter program often includse some frozen options like berries and tomatoes and peppers. You choose what you need for the week. As long as everyone only takes what they need for the week, we feel confident that we will typically have enough for everyone to take what they want. Starting in January we ask you to order two weeks’ worth of food at a time as the delivery schedule changes.

Meat: Each week we have a selection of sustainable meat (beef, pork, chicken, lamb, and specialty items). Popularity and inventory will be factors that contribute to what we have available each week. Guideline: about $15-20 worth of meat per adult/wk.

Cheese: We will have cheese available from Cedar Grove and Clock Shadow. Guideline: up to 1 block/adult/wk.

Eggs: Winter eggs can be sporadic or have limited availability, but we expect to have a pretty good supply. Guideline can very but, we typically suggest 6-12 eggs/adult/wk when available

Bread: We order bread from Rocket Baby Bakery and tortillas from Gitto Farm n Kitchen.

Others: Note that items like honey, maple syrup, etc., are made available for purchase on the online farm store and will be delivered along with your regular CSA items.