How is this different from shopping at the farmers market? If you support us at the market we thank you.  At the same time, committing to a CSA program gives us a more secure income stream.  Everything we bring to the farmers market is based on speculation, so a rainy day, or a less than busy market, equals lost sales and wasted labor, not to mention wasted food.  A year long commitment from a member allows for more confident planning, fewer loans, and greater stability.  Choosing CSA is the best way to fully support a small scale organic vegetable farm. Plus, we build stronger and more personal connections within our food community.

What and how many veggies? Members will have access to a full selection of all the farm has to offer, including season extension (early and late season hoop house production) and bulk amounts of strong crops for canning/freezing/preserving (during the regular season). In addition to the classic vegetable offerings this can include items such as mushrooms, microgreens, popcorn, wild foods, fruit and more.  Members will take as much as they need for the given week. Some restrictions apply.

What and how much meat? LotFotL farm will raise pastured, heritage breed, organically fed pork and pastured organically fed chickens.  In addition we will bring in100% grass fed steers, sustainably raised chickens, and pastured organically raised lamb.  Members purchase a meat package to pair with their CSA program, order their meat each week online, and we deliver it with your CSA items. This gives you great control over what and how much you get in a given week.

What fruit? We budget a set amount of your share purchase for in season fruit. Bulk quantities can be pre-purchased on our online farm store. Fruit will come from local fruit producers mostly in Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois or Indiana. We strive to source certified organic when it is available, but will work with smaller family farms and producers that practice IPM methods. We hope to bring in cherries, blueberries, peaches, pears, and apples.  Winter shares can include items like frozen blueberries, and apples.

Can I take unlimited quantities of everything?   Most of the time veggies will not have many restrictions on the amounts you take. Keep in mind this program is not designed to be shared with non CSA members, to be used for heavy juicing, or to provide for a house full of party guests. Items with limited availability will have more specific restrictions (for example 1 bunch per family this week). Cheese, eggs, and bread have published guidelines on how much to take based on your family size.

What if I don’t want delivery for one week? We anticipate this and assume that families will miss at least one week in the season, so that is already build into the price. The program is designed to feed folks on a weekly basis, but we understand that occasionally members are gone on the delivery day.  Most times we will be in a position to let you take extra items either the week before you are gone or the week after you return. There are no credits or makeups in this program, only a pledge to keep you well fed throughout the season. Communication is key to making that happen when things go off schedule, so make sure that we know you are not coming or that you will be taking extra on a given week.

Bulk/Canning and preserving options: (Not available for Winter or Part-time produce programs) Extra veggies like cucumbers and tomatoes for canning and preserving will be included in the cost of the program. Bulk fruit will need to be purchased separately.

What if I am the last person to get food?  Will I still have choice or will I be stuck with what is left? We will bring plenty of food each week throughout the entire season, so that even the last member to get delivery will still have a wide range of options. We will also carefully monitor our inventory so that everyone has equal access to what the farm has produced.

What if I need to drop out of the program? We understand that life does happen.  In addition, joining a CSA is making an investment in and commitment to your farmer. The farmer is then able to plan accordingly; hire, purchase seed and equipment, and plant. In the “Choice” CSA program the cancellation fee will be 1/5 of the total cost of your member program (i.e 1 months worth). Winter share will be 1/4 the cost of the program.

Can I work for my food? Yes, please visit the worker share program tab on our website for more details.