Frequently Asked Questions about LotFotL’s CSA program

Q:  What comes in my share?

A:  Take a look at our anticipated produce chart. Although crops are planted or purchased it does not guarantee that they will be included in your CSA program.

2019 Produce

A: Every year selection will differ based on the season.  Here is a chart that gives you an idea of what you might expect.

Q:  What if I forget to pick up my share?

A: While we are not in a position to replace missing shares, we sympathize with you in your forgetful moment.  It is best to contact your drop farmer to let them know.  Our truck comes to town Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, so we may be able to save your unclaimed food and reconnect at another scheduled drop site. Unclaimed food that is not picked up within the published hours may be donated, so calling as soon as possible after you realize you missed a share increases your chances.

Q: What if I am going on Vacation and I can’t pick up my share?

A: Prepacked Boxed Program: We no longer have a vacation hold program.  If you are unable to pick up your box, we suggest finding a friend or neighbor that can retrieve the box for you.  You may also want to consider our CHOICE program that has more flexibility built into the program.

Choice CSA: Members in the ‘Choice Program’ should communicate with the farmer about vacation weeks and adjust how much they take on the week before they are gone or the week after they come back.  Making sure to communicate this in advance will help us to bring the right amount of food to the site each week.

Q: Do I have to pay everything all at once or can I make payments?

A: You can choose to either pay all at once or make payments.   You will have the option to set up an automated payment schedule or send us your balance before your first delivery date. (2018 Payment due by June 10th).  These options will be presented at the end of you sign up process online. You can pay with a check, dwolla, or credit/debit card.

Payment Options Include:

  1. Pay by Check (no fee)- Down payment due at the time of payment. Remainder due before your first delivery.  Self managed payments are fine as long as the total due is received before your first delivery.
  2. Member Assembler Payments – This allows you to pay with a credit card and set up monthly payments.
  3. Automated Payments– Choose Member Assembler Payments (credit/debit card) to set up automatic payments for your CSA subscription. Early bird sign ups can set up 3 payments between now and the end of 2014.  Beginning in 2015 monthly payments can be scheduled.

Q: Can I visit the farm?  

A: Yes!  We welcome visitors.  Please call in advance to schedule a time or watch for regularly scheduled farm events, such as our Fall Harvest Potluck.  You may also be interested in our Worker Share program where folks can work for their veggies out on the farm.  Or, call to schedule a volunteer day on the farm.

Q: What if I need to cancel my share subscription?  

A: Prepacked boxed CSA, Market shares, meat shares: We understand that sometimes life happens and you can’t plan for everything.  Once you sign up for a share, we invest in seed, labor, equipment and put in a lot of time to grow your veggies for you.  This is why our cancellation fee for a prepacked boxed share, meat share, or market share is $150.To avoid a cancellation fee, we recommend trying to find someone to take over your share, kind of like you would if you needed to end a rental lease in an apartment.  We are happy to transfer your share over to a new person and allow them to choose a new drop site if needed. 

Choice CSA: We understand that sometimes life happens and you can’t plan for everything.  Once you sign up for a share, we invest in seed, labor, equipment and put in a lot of time to grow your veggies for you. In the “Choice” CSA program the cancellation fee will be 1/7 of the total cost of your member program (i.e the cost of 1 month).

Q: Are you Organic?

A: We’re proud to announce that we’re now certified organic by MOSA, the Midwest Organic Services Association. For more information about organic certification click here. For more information about MOSA click here.  We also work with other local farmers to help make sure that our customers get a diverse selection.  We are always transparent about what you get, who it is from, and if it is organic.

Q: What do you do to take care of the soil?

A:  LotFotL appropriately participates in the soil community by:

  • Increased soil health by adding organic matter to fields.
  • Disease reduction in field by exercising proper rotations.
  • Including cover crops and living mulches into field systems.
  • Minimizing water waste through drip irrigation systems.
  • Encouraging natural pest predation by maximizing beneficial insect populations

Q:  What makes your CSA different or “better” than anyone else?

A: We have CSA that works for you. Choose a program that fits your life; Prepacked boxed, Market, or Choice. Exceptional and fast customer service. We deliver to you, or come to the truck for a unique shopping experience.  Online Farm store, to add items like seasonal fruit, meat, and honey to your weekly order.

Q: Do you offer Gift Certificates:

A: Yes! Email us at [email protected] to purchase a gift certificate to the farm.

Q: Where will my share be located at the pick up site? How do I go about picking up my share?

A: If you are in one of our CHOICE programs, you will pick up from our veggie truck, parked at the location that you chose.  If you chose the market share, you pick up from our market stand at South Shore Farmers Market in Bay View Milwaukee.  If you chose the Prepacked Boxed CSA, we will have it with us in the veggie truck at your chosen location.