How CSA works after you sign up

We invite you to read through the following items to make sure that you are well infomed about how our CSA works. If you have any questions about it, please feel free to call or email us.
1. When you subscribe, we sign you up for our weekly newsletter. It is important for you to be getting these communications to stay informed about important updates and changes in the season. If you do not see a newsletter by the month of May, you will want to contact us to find out why.
2. We drop off shares every Thursday to your designated drop site. Please make other arrangements to have your share picked up if you yourself cannot get there onthe Thursday pick up day.
3. We have a Roster at each pick up site. In order to keep things as accurate as possible, it is important to only take what is listed after your name. If you thought that you should be getting something you are not, please contact the farm. Do not just take it. That would leave someone else without their food, making 2 problems instead of just one.
4. Shares come in reusable plastic totes. We ask you to take the contents out and leave the tote for delivery next week. Most members bring a reusable bag, but we do provide bags should you need them. Please do not take the totes home, they are a costly item for the farm that we have chosen out of our love for the planet. GONZO SHARES and SEESAW SHARES are in Large totes, STAPLE shares are in SMALL totes. If you are not sure please do not guess. Call us as 920-318-3800 or 262-951-0794

5. If you know in advance that you will be gone for a drop off day, it is possible to schedule a vacation with us. This will put your box on hold and it will not be delivered while you are gone. You are then invited to order a Vacation Makeup box, at your convenience, as a replacement for the veggies that you missed while on vacation. All boxes are delivered on Thursday and must be ordered during the CSA season. To schedule a vacation just sign into your account and click on hold share.
6. If you signed up to receive a share every other week, you will be listed as an A share or a B share. A’s and B’s pick up on alternating weeks, so that we can keep our harvest even. To see which you are and when your next delivery is scheduled, take a look at your account. Every week the newsletter will also tell you what letter week it is. You will also receive a reminder email on the day of delivery.
7. We invite you to take a look at our online farmstore. You can order items and have them delivered with your CSA each week. Orders should be in by Midnight on Tuesday to be delivered on Thursday of that week. [Link to Web Store]. If you have never ordered with us you may need to set up your password. I can always send you a new one via email if you are having trouble.
8. If ever you have any questions please call or email us. Welcome to LotFotL. We look forward to a great season.