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Feel good about what you eat.


This is where your confirmation email, payment directions, and newsletters will be sent. This is separate from any other accounts or emails you have associated with LotFotL or ordering LotFotL food.
Meat will be ordered online each week and delivered with your CSA items. Meat credits are good for 1 season and will expire at the end of October. Because of limited inventory, per week order limits apply, so folks need to order meat throughout the season instead of in lump sums. We will not deliver more than $100 worth of meat in one week.


LotFotL Community Food Equity Program
Your contribution will go into a fund that will be distributed to folks that express a need for financial support in order to participate in the programs. Funding support is based on need and funds available, but is a percentage of the program cost. LotFotL Community Farm will match the first $1000 in donations to the program.
LotFotL will send you more information about worker share opportunites before invoicing or charging your account.
LotFotL will reach out to schedule your date. Families come out together and work for 4 hours helping with tasks like weeding or bulk harvest and feeding our animals. We limit each day to no more than 6 people (usually 1 to 2 families).


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