Lamb from Yaegers Acres llc

Gaile and Joe Yaeger are a beautiful couple out in Cambridge Wisconsin that are working their tails off to raise sustainable lamb that will honor values like respectful care of the animal and sustainable care for the land. Lamb from Yaegers acres is pastured and fed organic feed, which means no GMO’s, no preservatives, and no hormones or preventative antibiotics (commonly found in pelleted feed). Gaile has her Bachelor of Schience degree in Natural Resources as well as being a certified LPN. In part, this training, helped to shape the values now reflected in her lifestyle and the meat she raises. Being a healthy part of the cycle of life is very important to her and her husband. You will find their meat available directly from their farm, at local farm markets, and through LotFotL Community Farm.

Yaeger’s Acres llc
Gail and Joe Yaeger