LotFotL Meat A La Carte Pricing

At times meat can be purchased from our online farm store as an a la carte option. Items are posted pork chopswhen they are available. Bulk packaged pricing, such as with our quarterly meat shares, will result in more favorable per pound prices. Thank you for supporting local food and LotFotL.
We make local EASY!

Beef: 100% grass fed

Ground: $6.75/lb
Soup Bones: $5.00/lb
Cube Steak: $8.50/lb
Premium Steaks: $15.00/lb
Other steaks: $10.00/lb
Roasts: $7.50/lb

Pork: heritage breed, organically fed, pasture raised

Bacon 12 oz pkg: $8
Pork Chops: $10.75/lb
Pork Roast: $9.00/lb
Ham Steak: $7.50/lb
Bone in Quarter Ham: $6/lb
Bone in End Cut Deli Ham: $8/lb
Pork Soup Bones: $3.50/lb
Italian Sausage (no MSG, no corn syrup): $7/lb
Ground Pork: $5.50/lb
Smoked Hocks: $5.75/lb

Chicken: organically fed, pasture raised

Whole: $16 (average weight 4 lbs)
Boneless Breast: $6.35/lb

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