–CSA delivery calendar

LotFotL Community Farm CSA Delivery Schedule

To view complete details, click on the event description listed on the date you are referring to.  Thank you for your support.  For questions call 920-318-3800.

2018 Spring Extension CSA: May 10th, 17th, &, 24th.
2018 CHOICE CSA: Begins May 8th or May 12th.
2018 Traditional CSA: JUNE 14TH (biweekly members will be divided into A and B groups, with the A group beginning on June 14th, and the B group beginning on June 21st)

Pick up Site Details–

For more information about pick up times and box location etc. you can view our 2018 Site Details

Vacation Holds –

  1. Traditional CSA shares (produce, egg, chicken)- LotFotL requires all vacation requests to be submitted by the Sunday before that delivery would have been made. Click Here.
  2. Choice CSA Program-members should email or talk to the farmer about when they will be missing a pick up day