New Member Orientation for LotFotL CSA

Welcome to our CSA. It is important to review this process before you go to get your box. Especially, if you are new to CSA, or to our farm, you will want to learn more to ensure that you have a positive experience with us. Below are some important things to know as a participant in a CSA. Everything is also covered in our new blockbuster CSA farm video as well.

LotFotL’s “How to CSA” Video

How to pick up: Thursday pick ups

Box sizes for your CSA boxes. Small for Staple Shares, and Large for Gonzo and Seesaw Shares.

Box sizes for your CSA boxes. Small for Staple Shares, and Large for Gonzo and Seesaw Shares.

Site locations and pick up times are found on our CSA details Chart.

  1. Find and check off your name on the Roster Sheet, only taking what is listed after your name.
  2. Choose the correct size tote or bag: -Bridge shares will be delivered in bags. Take 1 bag.
    -Full sized shares (both weekly and biweekly) are in the LARGE tote and
    -Petite sized shares (both weekly and biweekly) are the SMALL totes.
  3. Leave the tote behind: Put your items into your own container and leave the farm tote to be picked up and brought back to the farm. Please stack totes neatly together.
  4. If you ordered other farm items (from the website), they will be located in a cooler with the other shares. (Always check the roster sheet to see what was sent for you)

REMINDER: Never take anything if your name is not on the list. Please call the farm instead. We promise to get you taken care of.
Enjoy your farm fresh local food. Please call the farm if you have any questions or concerns. 920-318-3800

Self serve sites: The sites are mostly set up as self serve areas. This means that it is very important to use the communication tools that are set up at each location. We post a roster that will have a list of everyone that is supposed to get a share that week. If you are not on the list, we did not send you a share. Please, do not take a box! Give us a call and we will take care of you and get things figured out, but if you take a box when we didn’t send one, it just leaves someone else confused and box-less AND does not solve the problem.

Which box to take: Each site will have different sized boxes. So it is important that whoever is picking up the box that week knows what kind of share to pick up and what size box it comes in. Full shares are in the LARGE totes and Petite are the SMALL totes.

Read your newsletter: This is where we communicate information with you. We tell you what items to expect in your share and update you on changes that might be happening or unusual circumstances that might require different behavior. If you don’t read what is going on, it increases the chance of mistakes and/or disappointment. We have a must see section, that makes sure to point out all of these things, so even if you are busy take a look at that section.

What to do if something isn’t correct: Mistakes do happen. If something doesn’t look right, please CALL THE FARM. You are important to us and we will take care of you. Please don’t try to solve the problem on your own. This could lead to more problems for others. Just give us a call.

What to do if you forgot to pick up your share: While we are not in a position to replace forgotten shares, we sympathize with you in your forgetful moment. It is best to contact your drop site ASAP to see if they can save your share for you. The sooner you call the better your chances. Unclaimed shares are donated and not brought back to the farm. We do, however, usually have a couple of extra shares at the farm. You are welcome to call to see if you could come and pick one up out here. We encourage members to set alarms on their phones and schedule email reminders from their online calendars to help to remember share pick ups.