Summer Dirt off the Farm – A Little Get Away

I was able to leave the farm this weekend for a little camping, music, and Bacheloretting at a girl friends bachelorette party.  These types of summer get aways are few and far between once you commit to being a farm girl.  And when they do work their way into the schedule, you are usually doing it solo, cause your partner is at home watching the farm (Thank you to Tim for holding down the fort, while I went out on the town, or should I say valley, being I was in the heart of the lovely Kickapoo Valley living it up with cows at Larryfest bluegrass music festival).

Being a girl that values the freedom of getting up and going for a weekend – or a week or a month – committing to a farm life took some serious thought.  A farm is an organism that needs some sort of conductor to be at the wheel pretty much all of the time.  There are daily demands that cannot be left undone without serious consequences (animals to be fed, plants to be watered, staff to be led). Not just anyone can do it either, it needs to be someone who is familiar with the farm, and can pay attention to details and who can anticipate needs based on weather or other factors. This doesn’t make for an easy time of getting away.

Maybe I sound like a mother who is unwilling to find a babysitter because she thinks her child is more work than anyone should have to take on.  Regardless, leaving the farm for an extended amount of time, takes a lot of organizing and faith that anything that goes wrong will be handled. A greenhouse full of dead un-watered plants, or a sick or lost animal, is hard to simply accept an I’m sorry for.

My every day quality of life on the farm is worth it, and something that I hope keep.  My ability to be in a deep relationship with my food, my family, my planet, and my community is important to me and being able to nurture and grow these relationships is really is priceless. So I cherish my moments away and cherish my daily life even more.

I feel blessed and loved every day.  I wake up with a sense of purpose and wonder and can work hard for something that I believe in.  This is why choosing the farm life won out over everything else.  My little get away was great, but I am also glad to be back home.