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Green leek vinegar:

What a great way to get the most from your produce. Although I am a big fan of compost, I try to use and eat as much of the food as I can before I put what’s left in the compost heap. This is a fantastic use of that touch leathery part of the leak that most of us toss out.

Green leek vinegar:

From Susun Weed

Begin by buying (or harvesting from your garden) a bunch of leeks. Use them to make potato-leek soup or any other dish of your desire. Save those tough green tops. You know the part that I mean, the part you were about to throw away or put in the compost.

Instead, chop it coarsely, and find a jar that will be mostly filled by the amount of chopped green leek tops that you have. Best if it has a plastic lid. The jar can be plastic, too. Don