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FAQ’s for Grass Fed Beef from LotFotL Community Farm, Elkhorn Wisconsin

Q: How much space will a quarter, half, or 25 lb box take up?

A: 25 lb will fill s med sized cooler or a little bit more than 1 paper grocery bag. a quarter of a steer will usually take up about 3 or so paper groceries bags. a half of a steer will fill about 6 paper groceries bags.

Q: What do you feed the animals during the winter?

A: The beef are totally grass-fed, meaning that they get no grain supplements at all, so no soy, corn or any other grain. That also means no GMO’s, since we don’t grow the new GMO alfalfa varieties. They graze on grass and clover pastures from May through November, and are fed hay and haylege made from grass, clover and alfalfa during the winter months. They always have high quality forage available as free choice during the winter, and do very well on that feed.

Q: What cuts do you get with your order?


Sample 25# box:

all boxes will vary, but will look similar to this

  • 10-1lb packages of ground beef
  • 3-5 packages steaks (tbone, porterhouse, ribeye, sirloin, etc) with half being tbone, porterhouse, ribeye, and half sirloin, chuck, etc.
  • 1-2 roasts(arm, rump, etc)

Sample quarter steer:

These are estimates, quantities, cuts and sizes vary depending on size of cattle and what processor is being used

1. Steaks (Standard cuts used)

  • Porterhouse (2 each, packaged in pairs, 3/4