The Boys are Downstairs Sowing

growing 2014It might be scheduled to snow a little more today, but we are not letting that stop us. We are planting. Our early season Bridge shares start in May and we need food for them. Most of what we plant in the next week or so will eventually wind up in our hoop houses, where the temperatures warm up much earlier in the year. This is how we will get things like hakurei turnips, bok choy, braccoli raab, arugula and tokyo kekana (greens), radishes, scallions, spinach, and lettuce ready early enough to put shares together in May.

So it might not seem like planting season, but we are trusting that spring will arrive as scheduled, like it has for the last 4.5 billion years, give or take a few thousand years. Exact dates for this event are little bit harder to predict, but I will put money down that I still see a robin before April this year. So, Casey and Christos are down in the basement right now sowing “food prayers” in the form of about 200 seeds per flat. We are planning for a great year and are excited to share how it unfolds.