The Dirt on the Farm: Busy Bees

Wow, this last week was busy! We began the first round of deliveries for our regular 2014 CSA season. The harvesting, weeding, and planting are all in full swing. We also attended the first week of South Shore Farmers Market. Tim got ready for 19 feeder pigs to be delivered on Saturday. Then, we hosted a windy but successful Bee Blessing on Sunday! Somewhere in there we managed to find time to eat dinner too, but I will admit there were a couple of doctored up frozen pizzas.

The farm has this way of suddenly being really busy and then getting all out nuts. We all start longing for the days when we thought we were just plain old busy. We have reached that stage, where we are still planting and transplanting, but now have an increased harvest demand, and an army of WEEDS have started moving in on us. Plus, it is market season and fruit season is right around the corner. At the same time the excitement and change is energizing and somehow everything that needs to happen does. Don’t get me wrong there is always a list of things that should get done that doesn’t and sometimes the weeds win and sometimes the harvest goals don’t quite get met. But the farm never stops and we keep drifting along, carried by its current, hoping the rapids aren’t too rough, and believing that the thrill will be worth it.

Market season has also arrived. This year we plan to be at both South Shore Farmers Market and East Side Green Market (at Beans and Barley’s). Managing and preparing for two markets has April on her toes. But, she has great staff and worker shares that will help make this happen. We are excited to be able to sell some of our farm partners items at East Side Green Market. So, look for Ney’s Big Sky eggs and Underground Meats artisan Salami along with our beautiful farm produce at that stand.

The Bee Blessing was a beautiful sunny day, but the winds were not on our side, making it impossible to hear anything outdoors. We adjusted slightly and gave talks in the barn instead of the yard and shortened the outdoor tour. Even though the bees were the star attraction, the 19 new feeder pigs seemed to steel the show. We had a lovely meal together and Tim grilled up a sampling of the sustainable meats that we sell here at the farm. Thanks to everyone that came.

This week will still be busy, but we are starting to acclimate and our weeding crew is holding off the army for now. By the way, we are still hiring help in that area, so if you are one of those folks that finds weeding meditative or you love good old fashioned hard work, give us a call. Perhaps this week, we will have time to do something more exciting than top frozen pizza with the fresh veggies coming from the fields. Enjoy this weeks bounty.