The Dirt on the Farm: July 3rd delivery

With Independence day being this week, I have been thinking a lot about FREEDOM. When you run a farm, or even just work on one, you can feel like you have very little freedom. The growing season tends to enslave you. The plants are your boss and they definitely don't take off for holidays. This week we were finally getting caught up on one thing just in time to be behind on another. We are back on track with a full staff, the field crops are sizing up nicely and the sunshine is showing its beautiful face. With the steady wet and rainy conditions last week, there was no getting into the fields, so we are a bit behind on plantings and the weeds are attacking with a vengeance. This, just in time for the peas to come on in full force. If you have picked peas, then you already know that it's laborious to say the least. I guess that's why they say the work is never done on a farm.

In the perfect world we would constantly have a crew out weeding or planting and another crew that harvests, but that is not always possible even when the whether does cooperate and the budget allows. The farm is full of distractions. Machinery breaks down and brings people away from the crew or the current task at hand, or it takes longer to harvest the peas than expected so we have to pull people off from other tasks. We have had to learn not to be attached, to let go and sometimes just do what we can for the day and hope the farm will give us a break tomorrow.

The ownership that the farm seems to have over us can leave us feeling exhausted at times, but it is full of many priceless blessing that make it all worth it. Each week as our crew puts their all into producing a great looking CSA box, I watch their delight in pulling the perfect turnip and finding the most beautiful head of lettuce. The magic of watching a crop thrive and the joy of being able to send it out in CSA is worth all the long hours. It was in our pursuit of happiness that we chose this farm life. Be it just for this season, or the rest of our life, we rejoice in our ability to choose.