The Dirt on the Farm: Just Another Day, Right?

LotFotL was started in 2007 and the CSA was born in 2008. In that time the farm has grown every year. Currently, we have over 500 CSA members, we maintain an online farm store that sells items like local and sustainable meat, fruit, and honey, we are raising 26 heritage breed pigs and maintaining over a dozen honeybee hives. The farm employs more than a dozen people and welcomes over 30 worker share volunteers. In that time we have learned to take things in stride. Tractors break, people get sick or quit, animals fall ill, drought leaves things withered and dead, flood washes things out, and pests decimate a crop. Each year we seem to mentally get better and better at taking what comes and not letting it give us panic attacks. So last week, when Tim called the farm to let us know he needed to be rescued from his attempted cherry pick up because the right rear wheels of the cube van fell off while he was driving down the highway….well, we just made the adjustments and got Tim home safe and the cherries too.

This could have been a tragic or even fatal event. If things had not lined up just as they did, if he had been in a different place on the highway or not been able to pull over as quickly has he did, this may not have been just another day on the farm. We were all reminded that this is always the case in life and we only have this moment right now. We have chosen to see this as a good thing and move forward with gratitude that we are able to keep doing what we love to do. Tim is alive and well and our members got their delicious cherries. We remember to stay aware and keep ourselves in the moment. With the grace of strength and wisdom we can change and control some things, but we know there are many we cannot, and we are willing to accept that. We get up each day and take what comes with it.

So here’s to another day on the farm. May we have many days filled with abundance and joy, reaped from good old fashioned hard work. May we be smart and have luck on our side as we drive down the road or work with heavy machinery. Let us keep ourselves in the moment, aware and grateful so that we can continue to have many more “days on the farm”.