The Dirt on the Farm – Mosquitoes!

mosquitoMosquitoes now run the farm. They have come with a vengeance, after being non existent last year. They swarm you in thick black clouds and pay no attention to what time of day it is. By evening you can hear their frightening hum outside of your sanctuary on the other side of a window screen. Just the right amount of time passed with no rain to give those eggs a chance to hatch, and they have come screaming to our farm making field work, well, rather miserable.

With the joys of sunshine, bountiful fruits and veggies, evening swims, and cookouts, are also the less desirable summer norms. Sunburns, weeds, and bugs, are all on my list. The sunburn is most often my own fault and had I been a little more diligence with the sunscreen, my pain wouldn’t be. But, in the hustle and bustle of the farm, I sometimes don’t do what I should in order to simply do what I must. Our weeds came with almost as strong of a vengeance as the bugs did. After that particularly wet week, we had weeds nearly up to our ears, but with some temporary laborers found on Craigslist, we are starting to see the light again. Now the bugs are one of those things that can drive me to near insanity. With the population of newly hatched hungry mosquitoes we are finding ourselves out in this hot humid soupy weather with apparel that would seem more fitting for late Fall. So, this weeks harvest is brought to you by long sleeves and pants, bug repellent, and the letter M for Mosquito.

You will see that we are shifting into a new group of veggies this week. Cucumbers and summer squash are coming on strong now. The peas are at their peak, and beans are right around the corner, followed by tomatoes. Enjoy your boxes and if a couple of Mosquitoes happen to fly out of your tote when you open the lid, it wasn’t planned, even if they are our most abundant crop.