The Dirt on the Farm: Tim’s Update

Mid summer CSA crop report by Farmer Tim

Greetings eaters! I hope the spring and early summer crops have been to your delight. We’ve farmer of the year (2)had great successes and a few flat-on-the-face fall downs thus far in terms of crops, but all things considered, I can’t remember a more abundant, consistent spring and early summer in terms of crop health and success. The late summer and fall crops also have lots of promise.

The fall-like nights we’ve been having have put a damper on what otherwise looks to be a very nice tomato crop this year. We’re just now getting our very first sungolds mature. Looks to be a couple weeks yet before tomatoes make it to market or shares, but once they do, be ready. The cool nights have had exactly the opposite effect on brussel sprouts. Instead of going into a homeostatic holding pattern through the would-be heat, the sprouts are forming early, and strongly, with far fewer culls than usual. We’ve already sold a few to restaurants around town. I’m holding back on getting them into shares because I’m not sure you are ready for them yet, and they do improve with some frost. Still, this may go down in our 7 year CSA history as the 1st year we gave out brussel sprouts before tomatoes. So it goes.

Expect a second crop of beans to arrive in a couple of weeks. Our spring peas flopped, so we’re trying a fall crop. That should be ready mid month, fingers crossed. Beets, carrots, and celeriac all look great for fall. Expect carrots for the next couple months pretty consistently, and beets on and off. Onions, garlic, potatoes, winter squash, lettuce, and sweet corn will all begin hitting shares soon, and then much more consistently. We have 3 plantings of sweet corn for this year, and the earliest plantings are always the least buggy. We will be into the first and second planting for the next 4-6 weeks. Lastly, our watermelon and other melons will begin this week and should be around at least as long as the sweet corn. So, stock up on bibs, and get ready for sweetspot of the summer of 2014!