The Dirt on the Farm:

Top 5 ways to remember to pick up your CSA share.

Throughout the season, it can be easy to get busy and maybe forget to pick up your share, even forgetful-nesswith the reminder emails and Facebook posts that LotFotL puts out. Here are a couple of ideas to help you to remember.
  1. Write it on you hand like you did back in high school! Or…maybe just put it in your calendar. A lot of people use calendars like google calendar that will send you an email reminder for event like this. Cell phones calenders too, often times sound reminder alarms.
  2. Set all of the alarm clocks in your house to go off at the same time to remind you to go pick up your share. Or… maybe just one alarm. Your phone is a good one, cause a lot of people have cell phones now and they seem to come with us everywhere we go.
  3. Make your Mom call and remind you! Well, maybe not Mom… but, it can help to have everyone in the household looking out for each other. We are all invested in eating. Maybe calling on all family members to help us remember the CSA box isn’t such a bad idea.
  4. Have a reminder tattoo put on your partner’s forehead, so that when you get home from work and give them a hello kiss, you remember to go get it. Or… maybe just put up a sticky note on the fridge, cabinet door, or your car steering wheel.
  5. Camp out at the CSA drop site the night before, so that when you wake up you remember that today is a special day. (Some restrictions may apply, please check with the city before pitching your tent).

If you do forget, taking action sooner than later is best. Calling your drop site can be helpful to see if your box is still there and if it can be set aside for you. LotFotL only requires that the food be there during the pickup hours, but all sites are slightly different on when they remove the unclaimed food. This is not a guaranty, but often times, especially if you call right away, you can save your share. Also, if the farm driver is returning to your pick up site (which he does Friday morning), we can ask him to label your share and call you if it is still there. He usually returns to about 1/2 of the pick up sites. So, if you get an email out to me before Friday morning, we can help that way.

Quinney Farm-Home 06:00am to 09:00pm Elkhorn 920-318-3800
Good Harvest Market 12:00pm to 07:45pm Pewaukee 262-544-9380
Cafe Manna 11:00am to 07:30pm Brookfield (262) 790-2340
Fair Trade For All LLC 12:30pm to 07:30pm Wauwatosa (414)257-1077
Tess 02:00pm to 07:00pm Milwaukee (414) 964-8377
Roast 01:30pm to 08:00pm Milwaukee 414-828-2030 [email protected]
Southeast Brookfield 11:45am to 06:00pm Brookfield 414-975-4888
Muskego- Beth Schmitt’s house 12:30pm to 08:00pm Muskego 414-975-4888
Taste of Home (PRIVATE employees only) 10:00am to 05:00pm Greendale 262 424 3269
Runzheimer International-Private employee only 09:00am to 02:00pm Waterford (262) 971.2395 or (262) 716.6263
Mukwonago-Anne Marie’s house 09:30am to 06:30pm Mukwonago 262-378-9254
East Troy pick up 01:00pm to 06:00pm East Troy 262-853-9168
UU Church of the Lakes 01:30pm to 07:00pm Elkhorn (262)723-7440
Zablocki VA Medical Center -EMPLOYEES ONLY 12:00pm to 02:00pm Milwaukee 414-384-2000 Ext 45941 or Ext 42720
Sweet Water Organics 11:15am to 07:00pm Milwaukee 4142335395
Anodyne Coffee Roasting Company 11:30am to 08:00pm Milwaukee 414 489-0765