The dirt this Fall

Brrrr…already shopping for winter hats! The cold nights are back (a nice 2 week reprieve we got), bringing with it slower growth, less fruiting on the warm season crops, and really healthy cabbage family crops, as well as a return to salads.

With sweet corn and melons mostly done, the coming weeks allow us to get late fall greens planted in the tunnels, begin harvesting fall favorites like brussel sprouts, bok choy, and spinach, and start to wrap up any lingering projects(expanding our greenhouse as numero uno). We should still have tomatoes for a couple of weeks, but that’s about it. But with tomatoes signing off, sweet potatoes, our largest and best looking planting of them ever, will get out of the ground, and begin the long curing process, complete and into your shares late in fall when the trees are well into, if not past their annual color change.

We have had a few complications going into fall this year. Napa cabbage did very poorly and likely won’t be around, but many other Asian greens will abound in the next couple of weeks, and later in fall. We doubled down on cauliflower this year, and bought lots of yellow and purple breeds to try. These plants are really strong to date, and should grace shares in mid-October. The same is true with Broccoli, which is doing quite well, and on better soil than in spring. We had a couple of beet seeding failures, but look to be in good shape with our transplants, and some of the later seedings of Golden Beets look pretty nice. No celeriac once again this fall. I personally love celeriac with mashed potatoes, and will try harder to make this slow growing, long season, weeding disaster of a crop work in 2014.

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Thanks to all for helping us to continue to grow as a farm over the season and years. We have come a long way since I began this business in 2007, and continue to innovate and develop better crops year after year. I would be filling someone else’s chair somewhere in academia if it weren’t for LotFotL members. Because of you, I have positions of my own to fill, and a strong sense of place and purpose.