The Humble Cabbage

cabbage in the fieldFun Cabbage Facts:

  1. Cabbage was very popular with the early farmers of Wisconsin.  Many brought their seeds from Europe by sewing them into the hems of women’s dresses.  They relied on it to keep them healthy during the long winters.  Since sugar was hard to get back then, children were given the large thick leaves to chew on in place of sugary treats.

2. The world’s largest cabbage was grown by William Collingwood of County Colorful Cabbage IllustrationDurham, England, in 1865. It weighed 123 pounds.

3.  It’s super good for you!  Cabbage helps build a strong immune system so you won’t get sick so often!  It also kills nasty bacteria.

4.  Raw cabbage can have as much vitamin C as lemon juice does. That’s the vitamin that is good for preventing and treating colds.

5. Here at our farm, we harvest our cabbage heads by hand with a knife, but on giant conventional farms, they have special machines that cut the cabbage head and then shoot it into a giant trailer.

You can watch a video here.

6.  Perhaps the best of all….Some people get gas from cabbage!  So, it’s a musical fruit, just like beans.