What else comes with my CSA?

Thanks for choosing locally grown food

Your investment does so much more than put fresh healthy food in your belly. You are supporting a local business in Wisconsin, making your local community and state stronger for it. I am sure you know the many things that supporting a local business does for you and your community, but here is what it does when you support LotFotL specifically.

1. You enable Tim and April and their crew to feel proud of what we do, knowing we feed hundreds of families in our community, not just factory farmed calories, but food with heart and soul that has been cared for with love.

2. You support the desire to respect, nurture and heal the land we tend, making our planet a cleaner and healthier place for all.

3. You make it possible for LotFotL to give employees and volunteers an opportunity to live doing what they are passionate about. We create a place to learn, get to know your food and farmer, and perhaps even find a lost part of your own soul.

4. Your support allows us to work within the community to make sure folks that are struggling to make ends meet, are given healthy viable food. This year we participated in the WIC program, Quest/food stamps, and donated almost 3,000 lbs of food to local food pantries in the area.

5. Because of you, LotFotL is able to work with other local producers, to help them find a market for their goods, such as the beef produced here on Quinney farm, the fruit grown up the road from us, or Bolzano and Ney’s Big Sky Wisconsin made sausages.

6. With your help we can answer the call to educate folks about slow food, healthy cooking, small farms, and the role government plays in our food system.

Food and community are two words that we are impassioned by and hope to intertwine more and more. We will always strive to give our members food they can use and enjoy. We will continue to look for ways to give back to our community. And, we will work hard to respect the land while we do it, seeking a synergistic relationship between us and our planet. By investing in LotFotL you are not just supporting a local business, you are supporting passion and commitment to food and community that will give back so much more than just a full belly.