What goes into the CSA shares?

This is a popular questions. Every year is different based on weather, land availability, seed germination rates, staff experience, and more. Below, we offer resources that will give you an idea of what to expect in your shares.

The CSA crop link take you a list of the crops given out to 2014 CSA members and share June 20 2013how many times they received it. In addition you will see the farmers notes in response to customer feedback. You can also read farm Tim’s response to last season survey results. The newsletters are great tools to see what is given out when, in addition to understanding what is happening on the farm and why. You can view last seasons newsletters on the CSA page of our website.

CSA crops 2014 (click to see what was given out in 2014)

Vegetable farming is different from year to year. Each week we may be dealing with any number of things, from pests or bad weather to an over abundant harvest. These are the things that effect what ends up in CSA shares. But, we also know that just because the fields are full of cabbage right now, doesn’t mean that our members are willing to eat 3 heads a week. This is why we also have market stands and wholesale accounts. In the past, drought may have left us with zero cucumbers. In situations like these, we might choose to use emergency funds to purchase local cucumbers from a farmer that still had those cukes. Happy members are important to us and we do our part to give out a balanced box each week throughout the season. Here is what we will be planting in 2015.2015 planting plan