what to expect



When you arrive at the site, your farmer will check you in and walk you through the process of choosing your food. The goal of the program is to allow members to take what they need for the week.  Occasionally we set limits on how much of an item can be taken if supply is limited.  We also offer guidelines to help members feel confident in the amounts that they take.  If your needs are outside of these guidelines just let us know.

Veggies: Every week you can expect a variety of seasonal veggies, usually grown at LotFotL, but sometimes other local farms, assuring a wide selection of food. You choose what you need for the week. As long as everyone only takes what they need for the week, we feel confident that we will typically have enough for everyone to take what they want. (INCLUDES: Omnivore, Vegetarian, Produce Only)

Part-time Produce members will be able to select 5-7 produce items of their choice each week from the truck.

Bulk Veggies: During the growing season we make some bulk items available at no extra cost. Select members can request bulk portions of items like tomatoes and cucumbers for freezing or pickling etc.  We will let you know when these items become available, but if you are interested in a specific item you can let us know and we will let you know if we can make it happen. (INCLUDES: Omnivore, Vegetarian, Produce Only)

Meat: Each week we have a selection of sustainable meat (beef, pork, chicken, lamb, and specialty items). Popularity and inventory will be factors that contribute to what we bring each week. Your farmer will help you find and select your meat items. Guideline: about $15-20 worth of meat per adult/wk. (INCLUDES: Omnivore)

Cheese: We will have cheese available from Cedar Grove and Clock Shadow. Guideline: up to 1 block/adult/wk. (INCLUDES: Omnivore &Vegetarian)

Eggs: Eggs will be locally produced and pastured and fed organically OR locally grown non-gmo feed. Guideline: 6-12 eggs/adult/wk. (INCLUDES: Omnivore &Vegetarian)

Bread: We order bread from Rocket Baby Bakery and tortillas from Gitto Farm n Kitchen. Orders are taken ahead of time for each week, eliminating waste within the system. Guideline: 1/2-1 loaf/adult/wk (INCLUDES: Omnivore &Vegetarian)

Others: Note that items like honey, maple syrup, and soap, are outside of ALL of the programs and will only be available for purchase from an a la carte menu each week. Examples include:

  • Maple Syrup: Locally sourced
  • Honey: From LotFotL hives or locally sourced beekeepers that we know by name.
  • Soap: Made in part from the fat of LotFotL pigs and herbs grown at LotFotL
  • Other: Other fun surprises are sure to show up from time to time.