Worker Share


We begin taking applications and registrations for these things in February of 2021.


  • Work your 4 hours
  • Bring home a box of food from the farm when you work
  • Work begins in June and runs through October


***NEW***THURSDAYS with Farmer April

COVID-19 MAY AFFECT WHEN APRIL HAS PEOPLE OUT AND WHAT THEY DO. April’s work on the farm is often different from that of Farmer Tim and the crew.  Where they primarily focus on animal husbandry and vegetable production, April, among other things, tends the bees, grows and processes herbs (drying, tea making, medicine making, etc.), preserves food (canning, freezing, fermenting), and prepares for weekly markets.  On any given day folks could be involved in any number of projects from tending the herb garden, to making soap, to working in the bee yard, to making kraut.

  • Schedule your Thursday at least 1 week in advance (April may not be around or space could be full if you don’t) – [email protected] or text 920-318-3800.
  • Participants are gifted gratitude food from the farm and or items from April’s projects.
  • Volunteers usually arrive no earlier than 9 am and can go until around 3pm (later than that and you will be helping make dinner). Volunteers are asked to stay at least 3 hours. This is an adult opportunity and volunteers must be at least 16 yrs old.

Trade/barter Non-Farm skills

  • Folks that have skills that we need to help grow and maintain the farm, may be able to trade for food. Past trades have included, electrical work, mechanical work, carpentry, and website construction. These situations are best discussed and negotiated in person. Contact [email protected] to schedule a meeting.