w-About Worker Share

LotFotL Worker Share Program

Information –The worker share program is the backbone of LotFotL’s CSA. We enlist members of the CSA to work with us in the fields, on delivery routes, or in other capacities. In exchange for this season long commitment, we trade a commensurate amount of food. You will get a backstage pass to how food is grown in a medium scale operation, and get to know the farmer’s too.

Tasks that worker shares can expect to work at will vary. Worker shares in the past have helped with harvest, weeding, post harvest cooling, sorting, and cleaning, as well as plastic mulch retrieval, and transplanting. This work is done with supervision and guidance from LotFotL employees, so NO experience is necessary.

Those applying to do work on the farm can expect to be working in the sun, sleet, or cold outdoor weather that life in Wisconsin mandates. You will bend, stoop, lift, pull, and use your body in many ways that terrestrial life in the postmodern age does not typically call upon. We can and are willing to be reasonable and flexible with some limitations, but please remember this is a farm. We are also excited about having a conversation about other creative ways that anyone can trade work for food.