w-Worker Share FAQ’s


Can my friend/spouse and I split the required hours and share the produce? We give each person a box of food for 4 hours of work.  If you both want to come out on the same day and each get a box of food, that works fine, or if you want to alternate weeks, that is fine too.

Do I have to work if it is raining? Yes. We are of course, safe and reasonable here at the farm, so if it is lighting out, we do not work out in the field, but will complete other tasks. We also try to adjust our work to be compatible with the weather, but we do work on the farm rain or shine. The show must go on and shares must be delivered.

When can I begin putting in hours? Most worker shares will begin putting in hours in May or June. We allow workers to work through October and sneak into November if needed (but really, no one wants to be doing farm work in November if they can help it).

Do I have to keep a set schedule? We prefer that you commit to a weekly or biweekly schedule so that we can be prepared to use our staff effectively. Good communication is key.  Making sure that we know when you will be here helps us to be prepared and helps you have the best experience.

I am only available for part of the season, can I fit in all of my hours early in the year? Yes, choose flexible schedule or block scheduling.

Do you have a carpooling list? Yes! We have created a LotFotL group on groupcarpools.com. You can post a listing on our group to offer a ride or to find a ride out to the farm. The more people that create a post the more successful it will be. We felt this was a more secure way to arrange rides than to post emails on our website. Please click here to learn more.

What do I need to bring with me? We supply all of the physical tools that are used on the farm. Some folks like to bring their own garden gloves and most bring a water bottle. Make sure to dress for the weather and be prepared for it to potentially change. Although, we do have some rain coats and pants, you may want to bring your own. Good work shoes that you are ready to get dirty and muddy are best and rain boots when it is appropriate. If you are working for more than 4 hours we recommend bringing a snack or lunch to eat on your break.

Will I get my veggie box on the day that I work? Yes!  We build you a box of food the day you come out.

Do I need farming experience? No! Just a earnest desire to learn and participate. On farm workers should be willing to work in the sun, rain, or cold outdoor weather that life in Wisconsin mandates. Know that you will bend, stoop, lift, pull, and use your body in many ways that terrestrial life in the postmodern age does not typically call upon.