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What’s New at LotFotL:

happy-pig-2015Pastured Heritage Breed Hogs:  The pigs are raised here on our farm in Elkhorn, WI.  Pig are available for purchase as 35 lb, 70 lb, and 140 lb boxes, or as part of our Winter Meat Shares, that will include beef, chicken, and pork. No hidden costs of fees. These prices includes everything you need to get the meat ready for your freezer, including cut, wrap, curing, and kill charges.


animals-44571_640Winter Meat Shares are here! Delivered one time per month from Nov-Jan. Boxes will contain a mixture of Chicken, beef, lamb, and pork products, that are either raised here at the farm or sourced from other sustainable farms in Wisconsin. Select from our listed community pick up sites or choose home delivery. Prices start at $300. ($125 deposit due at the time of sign up) For more information about this share click here.

Turkey Preorders: Limited Supply Order Now!


turkey- labeled for reuseCertified Organic, Heritage Breed, Pastured Thanksgiving Turkey: $4.95/lb- LotFotL is now partnering with Wholesome Harvest Farm to grow you a Bourbon Red heritage breed turkey for your Thanksgiving dinner.  These birds are PASTURE RAISED and CERTIFIED ORGANIC! A $35 deposit secures a bird ranging from 10-12 lbs to be delivered to your chosen drop site (place your order on our online farm store) on November 17th, 2016. Birds are delivered FROZEN. Deposit is non-refundable.  An invoice will be emailed to you for the remaining balance in early November. Click here to learn more.

2016 On Farm Events:

Annual Bee Blessing, potluck and Tour- Cancelled for 2016 🙁

-Gleaning Potlucks-  These are new this year.  The days will be announced 3-5 days in advance.  The plan is to invite folks out to enjoy the day on the farm, including a lunch potluck meal, and have a chance to glean through a specific crop after we are finished harvesting from it, but before we turn it under. Expected crops are beans, tomatoes, and broccoli.

The Milwaukee Area’s CSA Alternative

LotFotL is located about 40 minutes from outskirts of Milwaukee and only 1 hour from the heart of downtown.  But LotFotL is thousands of miles away from ordinary food.


5 vegetable share types, fruit, eggs, meat, honey, and many other items, all brought to you at convenient drop off locations. We make deliveries throughout Milwaukee and the surrounding area. Click here to see more about our shares and how you get our food to your table.


Exceptional Customer Service and Flexibility. Planning a vacation; put your share on hold. If your share size isn’t fitting your needs, come talk to us. At LotFotL we take care of you.


We at LotFotL know that we are caretakers of the land and that we need to leave it in better condition than we found it.  We use appropriate shallow cultivation, living mulches, or straw. We follow strict crop rotation cycles, and plant on contour or on ridges to utilize natural water flow pattern. We continue to grow according to organic standards and often times exceed them. We are proud to say that we are now certified organic.

The vast majority of what goes into CSA shares is grown in accordance of standards set for organic certification and is soon to be certified, but on occasion some crops come from other farms or fields that, while managed in a way consistent with certified organic crops, are not currently certified.

We Give Back

Every year we donate to local food pantries, school fundraisers, or Habitat for Humanity. What most young businesses do not afford, we make happen, with your help.  We believe in community.

LotFotL Community Partners:

Helping us to Bring Local Food to the Greater Milwaukee Area. (Click on each partner to learn more).