Worker Share

Worker Share programs

Are you ready to embark on a unique journey with LOTFOTL? Join our innovative Worker Share Program and unlock endless possibilities to earn your food. Leave your desk behind and explore the fulfilling experience of working on our farm, where sowing the seed becomes a pathway to nourishment. Trade your skills and immerse yourself in nature’s embrace while contributing to our mission of building community around local food. Don’t wait any longer, apply now and let your journey begin. LOTFOTL, where we feed people!

Work on the farm

Our basic worker share program consists of a 4 hour shift once a week helping our crew with the day to day activities of producing food. This may include planting, weeding, packing, washing, cleaning, and more. Take a look at our application to learn more.


On Farm Options:

  • Angel Volunteer – This is an option for those folks that are just happy to come on out and help. Being on the farm is payment enough. Occasionally they take home a squash or cucumber or something, but for the most part they are truly just volunteering.
  • 40 hrs of on farm work – earn $10/hour in store credits to spend as a CSA member does on our online farm store. (We suggest ten 4 hr shifts, credits are assigned weekly based on the number of hours worked)
  • Thursday OR Friday morning CSA order packer – 9am to 1pm – $10/hour in store credits to spend as a CSA member does on our online farm store. This postion runs from the beginning of June through the end of October.
  • Flexible/on call – earn $8/hour in store credits to spend as a CSA member does on our online farm store. An email will prompt workers when we are looking for helpers.

Market Options:

  • Weekly South Shore Farmers Market – Work 7am-12:30pm, June – Oct. Receive $50 store credits per week to spend as a CSA member does on our online farm store, plus leftover food from the market table every week.  We are looking for weekly and bi-weekly helpers.

Trade/barter non-farm skills

Folks that have skills that we need to help grow and maintain the farm, may be able to trade for food. Past trades have included electrical work, mechanical work, carpentry, and website construction. These situations are best discussed and negotiated in person. Contact to schedule a meeting.

2024 Needs:

Landscaping: If you have experience with this kind of work, April is in the process of getting rid of as much lawn as possible and would welcome a helper.

Event planning: We could use a helper planning and promoting our spring plant sale and our fall frenzy.

Handy Person: If you are good at painting, fixing this and that around the house, building little projects, etc., we might have some projects that would be a great fit.

NOTE: Covid guidelines may affect who and when we have worker shares or volunteers out on the farm. We will keep people up to date about changes.