Worker Share


  1. Work at the farm to earn food
  2. Thursdays with April – schedule time to work directly with April
  3. Trade or barter non-farm skills

NOTE: Covid guidelines may affect who and when we have worker shares or volunteers out on the farm. We will keep people up to date about changes.

Work on the farm

Our basic worker share program consists of a 4 hour shift once a week helping our crew with the day to day activities of producing food. This may include planting, weeding, packing, washing, cleaning, and more. Take a look at our application to learn more.



    • 20 boxes: 80 hrs of on farm work – $20 application fee
    • 10 boxes: 40 hrs of on farm work – $20 application fee
    • Do 80 hours of farm work: Earn $650 in credits toward my CHOICE Program Share – $20 application fee
    • Do 160 hours of farm work: Earn $1300 in credits toward my CHOICE Program Share – $20 application fee
    • *Thursdays with April – Add yourself to April’s email list so she can reach out to let you know when work is needed
    • *Flexible/on call – when the farm has needs, April will schedule work times then. (gratitude food is offered on the day of work for this)

Thursdays with Farmer April


  • April’s work on the farm is often different from that of Farmer Tim and the crew.  April, among other things, tends the bees, grows and processes herbs (drying, tea making, medicine making, etc.), preserves food (canning, freezing, fermenting), and prepares for weekly markets.  On any given day folks could be involved in any number of projects from tending the herb garden, to making soap, to working in the bee yard, to making kraut. Folks leave with something to remember their experience be it food or other.
  • April sends out emails when work opportunities are presenting so that you can schedule time to attend.

Trade/barter non-farm skills

Folks that have skills that we need to help grow and maintain the farm, may be able to trade for food. Past trades have included electrical work, mechanical work, carpentry, and website construction. These situations are best discussed and negotiated in person. Contact [email protected] to schedule a meeting.

2022 APPLICATIONS COMING SOON: We begin taking applications and registrations for these things in February of 2022.