Is the produce organic?

The vast majority of produce that goes into CSA shares is certified organic. On occasion some crops come from other farms or fields that, while managed organically, are not currently certified. Any not certified items are disclosed in our newsletters, ordering forms, or at the pick up locations.


With the world of COVID-19 still strong and active, our pickup protocol will be similar to last year. Members come to the truck and order their food from a distance. Truck assistants pack your food basket based on your specifications. Proper protective equipment is worn and social distancing is requested and practiced.

Where is your delivery area?

Our delivery sites are as follows.  Members will be served directly out of our truck.  It is like a farmers market on wheels! (COVID-19 safety precautions will be in place.)


  • SOLD OUT – Tuesday 2:30-4pm – Urban Ecology Center parking area – 1500 E. Park Pl.
  • SOLD OUT – Tuesday 5-7pm – Garden District Parking Lot – 6th and Norwich
  • SOLD OUT – Thursday CHOICE CSA Home Delivery – See Delivery area
  • SOLD OUT – Thursday 3-6pm – LotFotL Community Farm – Elkhorn
  • SOLD OUT – Saturday 8:30-11:30 am- Shorewood – Northwoods building – corner of Capitol Dr and Newhall St
  • SOLD OUT – Saturday 8am-12pm – South Shore Farmers Market –South Shore Drive (special price and delivery schedule applies to match the 20 wk market schedule)


How Do I Pay?

You have two choices:

  • Pay all at once: pay with check or credit card
  • Pay installments: Setting up a payment program is easy.  Members pay a standard deposit, due at the time of sign up, and their balance due will be divided into 5 monthly payments due at the beginning of each month starting in June.  The installments are set up with a credit/debit card to generate automated payments through FarmMatch, our CSA sign up software OR by sending post-dated checks.

How much food do I get?

Exactly the amount you want. The CHOICE program is designed for families to take what they will eat for the week. We do have some guidelines and restrictions that apply.

Veggies: Every week you can choose what you need from a variety of seasonal veggies.  Any items available in limited quantity may have restrictions. Part-time Produce members will be able to select up to 7 produce items of their choice each week.

Bulk Veggies:  We will let you know when these items become available. Examples are tomatoes and cucumbers. (INCLUDES: Veggies Plus and Produce Only)

Fruit: We include a limited availability of seasonal fruit periodically throughout the year. (INCLUDES: Veggies Plus, Produce Only, and Part-time Produce)

Meat:  Yearly packages allow for weekly allotments between $20 and $80 worth of meat.

Cheese:  Guideline: up to 1 block/adult/wk. (INCLUDES: Veggies Plus &Produce Only)

Eggs:  Guideline: 6-12 eggs/adult/wk. (INCLUDES: Veggies Plus &Produce Only)

Bread: Guideline: 1/2-1 loaf/adult/wk (INCLUDES: Veggies Plus &Produce Only)

Where do your eggs come from?

Most of our eggs come from Bryant Family Farm in Mineral Point. The birds are raised on lush nutrient dense forage. Eggs are not certified organic, but are fed non-GMO feed and pastured.

Where does your bread come from?

Most of our bread come from Rocket Baby Bakery in Wauwatosa. They do from scratch real deal sour dough loaves. They also source some of their flour from local Wisconsin producers. Bread is not organic. We also work with Gitto Farm and Kitchen and Tortillas Los Angeles. Both wheat and corn tortillas are certified organic.

Where does your cheese come from?

Most of our cheese comes from Milwaukee’s Clock Shadow Creamery and their sister company Cedar Grove Cheese. Some of the options will be organic and some not. All of it is Wisconsin produced.

Where does your meat come from?

We work with a number of meat producers. See “Who are your farm partners?” to view a comprehensive list of producers that we work with. We look for small producers using sustainable practices feeding organic or local or gmo-free feed. For example, your 100% grassfed beef may not be certified, but it is raised on lush beautiful pasture. The pork raised here at LotFotL is not certified organic, but fed organic feed and raised on pasture. We choose meat that we would want to feed to our own family (and often time do).

Who are your farm partners?

We work with lots of farms around the state.


  • Tipi Produce
  • Springdale Farm
  • Folk Tree Farm
  • Red Door Family Farm
  • Better Way Farms (MI)
  • Dream Apple Farm
  • Apple Barn
  • Barnard Farms
  • Ela Orchard


  • Abiding Acres Farm
  • Zinniker Farm
  • Gitto Farm and Kitchen
  • Dandee Berks
  • Hometown Sausage
  • Golden Bear Farm
  • Bryant Family Farms
  • Little Heathens Pasture
  • Green Fire Farm