Winter Choice CSA

Feel good about what you eat.

2023-24 WINTER CSA

Back again and getting better every year. Choose the level that you want to invest in the farm and spend your return as credits on our online farm store throughout your season.

Choose from winter veggies, organic eggs, local bread and cheese, local sustainably raised meat, and more. Your food is then delivered to your doorstep every week until March.


Sign-up –
  • Choose a membership level; $600, $1200, or $1800. (see below)
Ordering – Spend down your credits in our online farm store each week.
  • When you place orders there is a minimum order of $40 and a maximum order of $250.
  • No order can spend more than $200 on meat per week.
  • Order on weeks that work for you. All credits must be spent within the season.
  • Season runs November 2023 – February 2024. (15 weeks of delivery. No delivery the week of Christmas).
Food –
  • All programs have access to locally produced veggies, meat, cheese, eggs, bread, and miscellaneous items each week. Look for great items this year like dried goods Doudlah Farm, fun frozen vegan items from River Valley Ranch, and frozen salmon burgers from Rushing Waters.
Delivery/pick-up –
  • Home delivery to Milwaukee area is on SUNDAY – $150 fee for the season.
  • Home delivery to Milwaukee outskirts is on TUESDAY -$150 fee for the season.
  • NO DELIVERY DEC 24th AND 26th
  • View our delivery areas
  • Not in our delivery area? Pick up at LotFotL on TUESDAY from 10 am – 6pm – FREE
  • Home deliveries must provide a receiving container (like an insulated beach cooler) outside of the home if they are not home to receive their order.


Q: Is all of your food organic? Veggies are organic unless specified. Eggs are organic. Cheese is locally produced and will be labeled if it is organic. Meat is either organically fed or grass-fed and/or pastured. Any exceptions are noted.
How do I pay? Can I make payments?
Where does LOTFOTL deliver?

Sign-up Opens Sept 15th-25th for CURRENT CSA MEMBERS and Sept 26th for the GENERAL PUBLIC.


  • Milwaukee: SUNDAY, Nov 12th- Feb 25th
  • Milwaukee Suburbs: TUESDAY, Nov 14th- Feb 27th
  • Pick-up at the Farm: Tuesday, Nov 14th- Feb 27th
  • NO DELIVERY: December 24th and 25th.

Are you in our delivery area?





2023-24 Winter CHOICE Details

Choose the level that you want to invest in the farm and spend your return as credits on our online farm store throughout your season.

Programs includes access to veggies, eggs, bread, cheese, meat, and misc. items (honey, syrup, dry beans, flour, etc.). Even vegetarian eaters will find items like sweet potato burgers, mushroom tamales, and salmon burgers. Simply shop the store and spend down your credits by the end of the season.

Level 1 – Pitchfork

Invest $600 and get $600 in credits to spend throughout the season. Thank you for supporting local food and helping to sustain this farm.


Average of $38/week

Level 2 – Tiller

Get $60 free credits when you invest at this level. Thank you for making a strong commitment to our farm and investing in your local food system.

$1200 + $60 free credits

Average of $79/week

Level 3 – Tractor

Get $200 free credits when you invest at this level. Thank you for making a deep commitment and supporting your local food system. Those that can invest at the top level not only get the best return, but the satisfaction of knowing that their heavy lifting makes a big impact.  Thank You!

$1800 + $200 free credits

Average of $125/week


This member would have $91 subtracted from their total credits for the season.  Complete flexibility.  Vegetarian….don’t order meat.  Gluten free….don’t order bread.  Big on baking….order extra eggs.  Love cheese (who doesn’t?)….order a bunch.

Member Order

  • Rocket Baby Tosa Sourdough bread- $6
  • Clock Shadow Dbl Cream Colby – $6
  • Dozen Eggs – $6
  • Ground Beef – $8
  • Breakfast Sausage – $10
  • Winter Kale – $3
  • Carrots 2 lbs – $5
  • Winter Squash – $3
  • Winter baby greens – $5
  • 2 lbs Potatoes – $4
  • Napa cabbage – $4
  • Lg 3 lb jar Honey – $31

____________________Total $91

Order Parameter Checklist:

This member met all of the order parameters

  • Order is over $40
  • Order is below $250
  • Meat total is less than $200


We continue to build community through local and sustainable food. Our Food Equity program is designed to build and support a more diverse community and make food more accessible to everyone. Members that value this concept and want to contribute financially may do so on the membership application.  Donations will go toward reducing the costs of our food for our customers expressing a financial need.